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  • Thanks Carolina Classic


    Thanks so much for helping me out today. Both you and Keith continue to amaze me with the level of customer service and satisfaction that you provide to Carolina Classic owners. I have called you twice since purchasing my 2001 CC 28 and both times was met with a level of service that I have never experienced in the boating industry. You guys are the best there is in this business.


    Michael McGaw
    2001 CC 28
    Yanmar 300's

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    Loud 2nd

    any part, any time - they always have an instant answer.


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      ditto that.......

      Just want to add my recent experience to this thread. Out here on the West Coast we have no CC dealers so we're pretty much on our own. This site helps, but the factory in Edenton is just a phone call away and they have always gotten back to me the same day.

      Last week I got back to the slip after running the boat to check the transducer I had installed and had a couple hours to kill. So I decided to install the mount for my handheld GPS up on the tower. Before I drilled the holes I went to move the port throttle forward to make sure it cleared the unit and lo and behold the throttle was seized up. I couldn't believe it as I had just ran the boat for over 2 hours. Lower helm throttle was also frozen. Call to the local mechanic was no help.....he referred me to the Yanmar distributor who referred me back to the same mechanic as he was the Hynautic control guy in San Diego. Then I called Keith. He called back within 1/2 hour and walked me through disconnecting the throttle at the engine and the slave cylinder (both levers could be moved by hand). He said it had to be the dill valve or the lock out valve in the slave cylinder and that he had never heard of that happening......locking up in the idle position. He then gave me the phone # of the tech support guy at Teleflex (now owners of Hynautic) and I got a call back confirming what Keith had suspected and I got the part #'s for the rebuild kit for both valves and had the slave cylinder rebuilt. Long story short.........Thank you Keith for pointing me in the right direction and I'm back in business.


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        Purchased my 95 25cc about 5 years ago. A few very minor issues, however one day I called CC to ask about something. WOW! spoke to someone who knew the answer and seemed happy to help. I'm not even a new boat owner and here someone at the factory was helpful.
        Since then I've needed some small parts (and a swim platform) and every time I call I get knowledgeable and friendly help. Of course CC's are great boats, however the folks at the factory are 110% helpful. So let me just add a very simple and very sincere Thank You to everyone at CC.


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          Hadn't even taken delivery of my 28 and needed some special bottom dimensions and layouts. Called Keith thinking that maybe he would give me a general answer over the phone. I honestly wasn't expecting much. Instead, he took the time to go to the shop and hand measure everything I needed. He also found a few drawings that he faxed that really helped. His response was virtually immediate and could not have been more helpful. I am really impressed! Thanks Keith, I'm looking forward to a great relationship with you guys and my 28.