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Hi All,
I appreciate that a number of folks have asked about contributing to a forum fundraiser to defer the licensing and operating costs. I will be posting something in a month or two with options for contributing. I took care of all the initial costs of out pocket for now to ensure we are covered in the transition. More to follow in the New Year.
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30" draft on 28

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  • 30" draft on 28

    Does this mean I need 30" from the center of the bottom of the hull or is it from my water line?

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    30" from the waterline.


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      Is that to the bottom of the hull or prop and rudder. I am just wondering what is the least amount of water I need to clear the bottom.


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        You'd require 30" of water to make headway without anything (rudders, wheels or hull) grounding.


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          38 for older CC's's

          My 98 CC originally had 38" from waterline to bottom of the rudder; after reengining anc changing running gear I am now at 36".

          The bottom of the hull may be only 30", but unless the hull config. has changed recently; your running gear is still a few inches below the bottom of the keel.

          Also - remember, 4 guys, gear, bait, ice, water, etc. add's up to another 1000-1500 pounds; dropping the hull another inch or inch and a half in the water.

          My rule of thumb is I need 4' and want 6...