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Float switch sticks

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  • Float switch sticks

    My float switch keeps staying up when I hit a wake I what can I use to keep them for staying in the up position?

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    If you are using a Rule type switch try turning the switch around putting the pivot point toward the front of the boat. I have heard of that working
    Advance, NC


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      We had that same problem and turned it just like outriggers said, corrected the problem, This was for the foward pump in the engine compartment. Ours was mounted, so as if you were pulling the switch up you would be pulling to the starboard, we changed it to if you were pulling it upward you would be pulling foward, Hope this ,makes sense.

      01 28.


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        I had that happen on another boat awhile back. Grease and gunk from the bilge had accumulated somewhat on the float/pivot rod affecting the ease of pivot. I sprayed it down with Greased Lightning and it cleaned up nice and stopped my problem.
        Jim B.
        FLY'N FISH 35 Classic
        Va. Beach


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          float switch

          Simple Green and water.. flush the area in your bilge real well. There most likely is gunk in the switch.
          OR.. and my forward switch just stuck and was not from gunk.. mine requires replacement of float.
          Try to flush area first. johnd