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Sea trial 4/15

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  • Sea trial 4/15

    I'll be down at Layton Custom Boatworks on 4/15 sea trailing my 28 w/ D4-260's just installed. Anyone else in the area that day?

    My hauler picks her up on 4/25 and gets her home to my slip by the 29th.

    A bit eager here!

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    sea trial stats


    Glad to hear everthing is progressing nicely with your rig. Please let us know some performance stats when you return from your sea trial.

    Good luck,

    "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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      And don't forget....

      to post some pics of those new engines Larry!!

      Have a good trip.

      Steve on Reel Screamer
      2004 Carolina Classic 28


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        Larry, it looks like I will miss you by 1 day. We are going down on the 16th as it stands now. Will get there about 2 pm saturday to start on my boat which is just getting finished. Why not just hang for another day?
        Life is to short for an ugly boat

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          Here's the 1st shot - never been run, but that will change next week!

          2 D4-260's set down in place. I have a call into the builder on the raw water hose on the starboard engine - I am concerned about access to both the battery box as well as to the fronts of the engine. I'm small, but....
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            Best of luck with the new boat. I'm 6'6" and weigh about 280 - so I am [b]painfully familiar with what is required to work on these. I have two 41P's - with a generator in front of them - changing the belts and doing anything in front of the engine is a real challange - as is turning on/off the seacocks for the washdown, head and generator. As with anything - you learn to live with it and put up with the shortcomings - since the advantages of the boat are much greater.
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              Getting out is the hard part

              I'm 5'7/155 and am comfortable with what I jokingly call the dive of faith when you go head first and sideways down the middle; kind of do a gandstand/pushup halfway down and keep on going till your in front of the engines at which point you can rotate to face the belts.

              I have yet to figure out a fluid way of getting out; I usually go out leg first; feel for the cockpit with one foot while staying on the other knee and push-uping my way back out when I have that foot established.

              It keeps me young .

              On my 42's I had a clear starboard side and the exhanger on the port engine overhung the center line. I'm sure I'll get used to it....


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                I gotta weigh in on this one

                I'm 6'5", 220 lbs (trying hard to get down to 210 again )

                I use the 1 foot on the stringer, 1 foot in the air (I think), walk forward on my hands while twisting sideways to get in there method. I once drove a resin coated splinter from the stringer all the way to the bone of my thumb with that hand walking bit. Ouch! And that was just to get to the seacock forward of the port engine. And to think I do this maneuver twice each time I run a trip.

                Nice looking engines Larry. I'm hopiing to see a few more pics from your upcoming seatrial. Our site here has been too quiet lately.
                Steve on Reel Screamer
                2004 Carolina Classic 28


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                  Larry, are you only going to be there on Friday?
                  Life is to short for an ugly boat

                  2015 Enclosed Helm 35


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                    Not sure

                    I was going to fly down THurs night and come back Sat AM, but if someone has a boat in the water ....


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                      Postponed a week

                      Who would have thought that Volvo would no longer include a Y connector cable for 2 engine installations in the EVC B series where it was part of the kit in the EVC A series.

                      The Laytons went to hook my engines up to the various computers and found themselves a couple cables short.

                      Mac tripped into the same problem in parallel w./ a boat w. D4-260's he was hooking up.

                      I'm laughing because the sea trial date is movable - my hauler's date (4/25-6) is immovable - if that slipped I'd be crying.


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                        Larry does that mean that you are not going on thursday?

                        If the date changes, we will be there until Thursday the 21st. The delivery captain is giving us shakedown on wednesday and we hope to be fishin or on the way home sometime on thurs if all goes well.

                        It would be nice if we could meet up.
                        Life is to short for an ugly boat

                        2015 Enclosed Helm 35


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                          Plan is for Sat 4/23

                          He'll have the harness earlier but my schedule was either tomorrow, next Monday or not till next weekend. I'm trying to free up Wed or Thurs to fly down, but work comes in front of boating till fishing season starts


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                            Update - ran the boat Sat

                            It was light w/ only 50 gallons of fuel, no tower and we took it easy as the top control box was lashed to the hardtop and it was blowing a solid 15 knots.

                            After some fun learning how to initiate the boot sequence, ie start the engines we ran around the sound for an hour or so. All went well; the boat is a pocket rocket with the D4-260's vs. my old KAMD 42's. NO GPS on board but she slop cruised easily at 2700 RPM at what I would guess was 21-22 knots; seemed to be doing about 25 knots at 3000 RPM and was too fast for the conditions and my rusty boat handling skills at 3600/WOT.

                            She gets tied to a trailer tomorrow PM and should be at my marina, Wed night; floating Thurs and with some help from a designated work party should be fully funcitonal by Sunday afternoon.

                            Layton Custom Boatworks did a bang up job; I am really impressed with the quality of the work and thr fact they just fixed stuff as they went; no bother, no fuss; just part of the project. On time minus a 2 day Volvo induced delay due to a missing wiring harness and also on budget minus my various "oh can we add..."'s along the way.

                            As a networking geek in my other life I am intrigued and impressed by the LAN which is the electronic control system. 9 computers that I counted on the boat and what has to be a couple dozen sensors on the two engines and gears.


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                              D4 260 Volvo

                              Have a customer we are building a boat for in your area that is having some questions about the D4 vs the D6. He was trying to get your email to ask what you thought about D4. He is from the Cape, may be your neighbor. Tried to get onto the web site but was having problems.

                              [email protected]