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    OK Not trying to start a firestorm, I am considering a boat with the 260 d4 Volvos.. I have some concerns about service in my area, Cost to repaire, parts etc... I would like to hear what you guys think of this motor?? I know Code Blue has some issues.. I have read them,what ever input you have is appreciated.. First choice is Cummnis 250's.. any thoughts there as well?

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    Love the D4's

    850 happy hr's to date. I find them a perfect fit for the way I run my CC28.

    When I want I can run them at 3100 or so and get 27 knots; when I'm going long I can run them at 3050; get 25 knots and burn 19-20GPH; when I have to; they will deliver enough torque to plane the boat at 2600/20 knots.

    Vey good fuel efficiency due to the common rail and electronic controls; no smoke; minor issues only to date. They leave tons of space in my smaller 1998 engine room; a new engione room will have even more space.

    I think they are set up well for everyday maintenance; if as happened to me under warranty; you have to get at the top of the engine to deal with cams a lot of stuff has to come off.

    Parts coast is parts cost - I expect any modern diesel part to cost a fortune; if a computer or the common rail injection pump goes - that's what extended warranty is for


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      not to confuse the issue but, i have d-6's and run 2500 rpm's at 25 knots and burn 8-9 gph per side.


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        what props and gear ratio?

        to move the boat at 25 knots at 2500?

        I'm swinging 18 X 26 and have a 2;1 gear ratio.


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          Thanks Guys, I appreciate the info.. I believe the boat has the option for extending the warantees out. Some have said it is very basic though I will need to see what it offers.. these have a 1000 + on em...


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            Randy My 07- 28CC has the d6 Volvo commonrail 310 HP. The boat fully loaded cruises at 29K with a top end of 34K.The boat gets on plane like a ski boat! Volvo now has a 72 hour parts guarantee and rapid response on repairs.I've logged 175 hours on the motors and no problems.My 99- 28CC had 250 hp cummings that gave me lots of problems and Cummings was less than helpfull with some of the problems and the also made a number of mistakes with parts orders.If your in the cape cod area I would be happy to take you for a ride. Dennis


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              where are you slipped? I'd be interested in taking a look and run at the D6 version to compare it to the D4/98 that I have...


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                Thanks Hawk!


                sounds like the general rule is who has better service in your area! I have the luxury of a slip with no boat! I can afford to wait and see what comes up.. I have spoken to a friend who has very strong insite on Machinery, he is leary of Volvos with high hours..I will take you up on the ride... how is the COD fishing up your way????


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                  Backman and Randy I'm sliped at northside marina in Dennis(sesuit harbor,on the bay side ). I'm on the cape most weekends .If you want to give me a call my cell is 508-473-9994 and my cape number is 508-896-0021.Randy the new common rail engines are a new design from the old style.The cod fishing is pretty good so take a trip up if you would like.The gear reduction I have is 2-1.Mac had to swich out my original props because they were churning too much white wash causing a vibration noise at mid throttle.The original props gave me an additional 1-2 K.My new engines WOT is 3600rpm and I cruise it at 3250.They are wisper quiet next to my old Cummings.