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  • outrigger problems

    Last year I hooked a 5' bluefin on my 07 -28CC and the outrigger folded in half in the center of the middle section between the cables and swung down nearly hitting me in the face. The section of outrigger is tapered right where the bend happened.The cables were properly tightned.I was using Aftco Roller-troller clips.Lee did not cover it because they told me that I can not use these clips with there outriggers(They were the clips that came on the boat when I picked it up from the dealer).Has anyone else had this problem? Any recomendations on a better clip or is the problem just a bad outrigger ? I 'm wondering whats in store for me if I hook a giant! Dennis


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    It takes a bit of pressure to fold a rigger like that, seems like Aftco should foot the bill not Lee's. Regarding clips, many seem to have issues with the second generation roller trollers. Black's make a great clip that costs about $10...

    "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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      My guess

      You hooked a "Chatham rat" one of those 150 pounders either at Crab Ledge or the SWord. The fish came up behind the bar and took the bar swimming at the boat. There was not enough force to pop the clip initially. As the fish swam forward w/ the bar before going down as they always do something wrapped or caught for a second; line on the Aftco, ftco on the rigger line before the fishes downward motion broke the weakest point; your rigger.

      My 2nd part of the guess was that the big 13 or 18" bars had too much drag for the Aftcos at their normal setting so someone cranked them tighter to keep the lines in the clip.

      I have bent; not broken my middle pieces on both riggers also on the same class fish. I now run blacks on top of Aftco's on my riggers and only run the big bars on Blacks. I agree its an Aftco issue; but the question for Lee is how much force does it take to snap a piece of rigger stock.

      You should be able to get a new piece from Lee for ~60$/piece which is a lot cheaper than a new rigger.


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        Blackman You must have a part time job at the psychic hotline. I was at Crab Ledge dragging spreader bars. It just doesn't make alot of sense to me that the outrigger is made that flimsy. The outrigger on my 99 Carolina had seen alot more abuse and I never had a problem. The design on the new outriggers doesn't seem as heavy. I've since repaired the outrigger and filed down the release clip so it takes less pressure to open. I also switched my outrigger line to 400 lb mono with the theory that the mono line would have a little give to it. Since then, I've hooked dozens of similar size fish on my outriggers and haven't had a problem (yet). Can you give me more details about the outrigger clips you mentioned and where to get them. Also, give me your opinion if you think the mono is a better way to go on the outriggers.


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          be sure to read ths link as they are related. trust me, you are not the only one with problems with the new release clips, aftco will sety you straight.