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  • Outdrive bolts

    Has anyone replaced their outdrive bolts? Mine are corroded and I was thinking about doing it and was curious how much work it was. I believe it requires replacing the stud and the nut.

    If you did replace the studs, did you replace the sealing strip for the transom shield?

    Replacing the studs seems to require removing the sterndrive and the transom shield. Is this accurate?

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    '94 Carolina Classic 25
    Volvo 7.4l carb, DP

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    I replaced all outdrive bolts on 1995 28 CC (gas) this spring. After removing outdrives we found the shields corroded to the point of danger. After much searching for replacement sheilds we finally found two that would fit. ( it seems these models are becoming rare.) Still had to move the engine mounts forward about 1/2 inch to fit. After much effort by dealership personnel and many dollars supplied by me the boat is now in great shape and runs fine. Also we don't have to worry about the shields breaking and making a very big hole in the transom while at sea!

    I certainly recommend checking the bolts and replacing if necessary. Hopefully that will be all you have to do.


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      Interesting! I think I will take a closer look at my shield to make sure its not corroded.

      Last night I stared at the inside transom until I got the courage to start taking some nuts off. And it started to become clear to me that its not too much effort to replace these.

      I also received a return call from Keith this morning and he filled me in on a few details as well. He said to remove the transom shield, do the following:

      1. unfasten the shifting cable from the top of the shield (inside)
      2. make sure you have slack in the trim hydraulics lines
      3. unbolt the steering linkage (easier if you remove live well)
      4. remove the allen bolts that attach the jackshaft cv to the flange
      5. remove the supports from the shield bell housing flange
      6. remove the shield nuts
      6. back out the shield 6 inches
      7. remove the shield studs (from the outside)
      8. replace studs and put it back together
      9. torque nuts to 57 ft-lb
      CC Rider
      '94 Carolina Classic 25
      Volvo 7.4l carb, DP