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    In case this got buried at the end of Chuckabear's thread..

    For those of you who are licensed to run 6 pack charters... What exactly does your license say? I went down to the Coast Guard rec center to have my STCW 95 certificate authenticated and while I was waiting I started wondering about the wording on my license (received it back in 2005). Maritime institute, where I took my course and license exams (80 hrs, 5 Federal exams) and later my STCW training & exams (3 days), gave me the wording to use (for OUPV) on my original application/license request since the CG forms are less than clear . My license does not state OUPV anywhere. In abbreviated form it basically reads;

    Master of Inland Waters to 50 GT.
    Mate of Near Coastal Waters to 50 GT.
    Authorized to engage in commercial assistance towing.

    Does this seem correct to you guys for a six pack license? I am basically looking for confirmation from you guys on two points.

    1. The abbreviation OUPV or the phrase "Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel" not mentioned anywhere on the license.
    2. Master Inland waters but only Mate Near Coastal waters.

    Any of you guys understand the terminology better than I do?
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    see response on other thread.
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      USCG License

      It appears you are licensed to operate up to 50 GRT vessel inshore which is a tonnage license not a 6 pack type license. It is a higher grade license.
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        My Son Past The Captains Exam

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