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Hi All,
I appreciate that a number of folks have asked about contributing to a forum fundraiser to defer the licensing and operating costs. I will be posting something in a month or two with options for contributing. I took care of all the initial costs of out pocket for now to ensure we are covered in the transition. More to follow in the New Year.
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Good news--Bad news

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  • Good news--Bad news

    the good news is the boat is on schedule and should be finished the second week of April.

    The bad news is I will not be getting the new 420 Cummins so the 380 Cummins commonrails are going in. I have to look at the bright side in that I will save some $ and maybe they will have lots of problems.

    Hopefully I will go down the 3rd week and rig it and run it home.

    Man the clock is moving slow.
    Life is to short for an ugly boat

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    It seems from the feedback here that the QSB 380's will be more than enough power for the boat. With the increase in lower end torque, you should get up and out if the hole better than the 370's.

    My feel anyway is that 420 hp out of the B series is a lot to ask from that block. I think you will be better off in the long run with the 380's.

    I'm still jealous Keep us posted

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      Interesting to go back and see some 3 year old posts. It looks like Tom wanted the qsb420 but they were not available. There are (spec built) hulls numbers lower then Tom's that are still unsold. How did they get Qsb425?
      It looks like Hulls came out of the mold and had to wait for engines?
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        The hull #s don't actually follow the way they come off the line.( Mac likes to confuse everyone) The first set of 425s were delivered when I was at the factory rigging and picking up my boat in April. (I couldn't convince Mac to change them out for me). CClassic's hull # is 17 and mine is 18 and I believe his is the second pair.(possibbly the first) but I think the first pair is in Maryland.
        Life is to short for an ugly boat

        2015 Enclosed Helm 35