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  • Backman

    Just wondering how they were making out with your repower. When is it going to be finished? Are you having the boat shipped back or are you running it back yourself?
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    Getting warm

    The running gear is complete; engines go in this week and are expcted to be completly installed by the end of the week.

    The console is the next week - rather than glassing over the old one and cutting new holes we're starting w/ a new one and wiring into that.

    I'm hoping for a sea trail the week of the 10th and to have a hauler down there ~ April 15th to bring her home.

    My tower, electronics and safety gear are up here so it would be a major P.I.A to organize it all; rent a truck and then spend a day assembling.

    I'd still be left with a 500 mile run home in April with new unknown engines which in my mind is pushing it.

    If delays occur and it drags into May I'd consider running it back; but April is both lonely and fickle on the water.