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How tough is this hull?

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  • How tough is this hull?

    This is a 4 year old story.

    Woods Hole is a ledge strewn passage between the Elizabeth Islands and the mainland part of Cape Cod. There is a Y shaped channel with a rock garden between the legs of the Y. Red Ledge is submerged at high water, awash at low water and is a boat eater.

    There's a local bozo w/ a jackshaft 28 who was notorious for charging around the area; full power, all the time, anywhere. I have a friend with a 32 knot Regulator out of Woods Hole who could not keep up with our bozo.

    Time passes - one day on a trip in and out of Falmouth Harbor I see the 28 up on a stand. Another friend is a mechanic at that marina. I ask him what happened.

    Turned out that bozo ate Red Ledge at full speed; 25+ knots when it was fully submerged, 2' under water. He hit it just off the bow.

    There was a 2' square indentation where the hull was pushed in like you would crack a hard boiled egg. The strut and rudder were bent backwards on the side that took the strike; the prop was obviously trashed.

    No water ever entered the hull.

    In comparison, the boat next to me in my marina is a Rampage 38. He hit the same ledge; put a dent in the hill which penetrated; had his strut bend back in such a way it opened cracks in the hull where the bolts went through - he came back to the dock w/ a USCG pump on board and almost sank.

    I think I like our hull

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    I agree. These hulls are rock solid. When I was at the factory, Mac told me a story of a guy with a new 28 that hit a real large bouy at cruise at night. I think it crushed the hull in a small spot but did not put a hole in it.

    The guy that owned this boat was about as dumb as your guy.

    Mac, if you read this please post up that story. It will make us all feel alot better about what these boats will take and still get us home.
    Life is to short for an ugly boat

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      63' Rybo

      We had another incident a year ago where a 63' Rybo (ET is the name) hit a navigational buoy in the fog at 33 knots. He tore a 6' by 2' hole down the side of the bow and took water up to the base of the engines.

      The "professional captain beached her bow 1st on Monomoy Island to save her; got the CG pump aboard, made enough repairs and came back 28 miles to Falmouth bow high/hole mostly out of the water and made it to the slings and then nearly sank at the travel lift.

      You could put your head and shoulders through the hole in the Rybo.