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Limber hole under the engibe bed floor

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  • Limber hole under the engibe bed floor

    presumably all 28 owners know the engine pans are false floors and there's a hidden compartment under them. Two limber holes, one at the front , one at the rear of the engine pan drain into the compartment. Both are just inside the inboard stringer and easy to find.

    It drains to the central bilge via a limber hole which Mac has told me goes under the fuel tank.

    I reamed mine out when it clogged 2 years ago. With my recent oil blowout issue; it clogged again and I'm 1) fighting to find it and 2) fighting to get all the oil out of that compartment.

    Does anyone have a picture from the factory of the hull and inner bulkheads before the false floor is laid down?

    If I can visualize it I can ream it !

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    Not as good, but last year someone posted a crude drawing that Keith provided to them of the pathway under the false floor. I think it was last Summer/Fall when I remember seeing it but couldn't find the thread.
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      It's at the end of this thread

      I can eMail the sketch to you if you like. I'm pretty sure there are three limber holes under each engine.

      Also see these pics. One is before the false floor and bilge coat are added & the other is after. The false floor is just a strip - maybe 8 to 10 inches wide (from my memory). Copy that first pic and enlarge it - you can easily see the three holes.
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