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    To all, has anyone bent their Lee's riggers? Have a 05 28CC came with MX series riggers and have bent both sides twice now. Wires adjusted frequently, but when running into head see the moment of the boat stresses the first tube distal to the support tube. Lee's people are very unhelpful told me they would send me new tube for 600$ each plus shipping. No waranty or other help. Had them straightened once feel that a second time will be worthless and probably will just throw them away. They supposedly have a sleve inside for support. Any other suggestions or similar experiences?
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    Actually talked to them again, new guy will help me out a bit and give me a wholesale discount and reinforce the sleeves, sounds better. His name there is John M.
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      I replaced a couple pieces this winter

      Middle piece of the 5; just below the upper collar.

      Minor P.I.A. to take apart the rigger; loosen the guys to allow the middle piece to slide out; but I am straight now.

      The cost was 56$ each which is a lot cheaper than a full 600$ pole.


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        Lee employees may not be helpful

        I had a recent return and exchange with Lee's. At first they were not very helpful. The gentlemen told me that they would not take returns. After trying back another time, I was told by a different individual that they did take returns. I think it really depends on which individual you get on the phone. Good luck with getting your riggers fixed.


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          Haven't adjusted them in three years and they look good. Could yours be too tight or too loose?
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            Continually check the cables keep them to about 1cm of play per the guys there. If you ever need parts ask for John maggio he got me a 25% discount and both poles cost 315$ plus shipping. The bent piece was the second pipe where the proximal collar holding the cables attaches. I emailed him pics and he said he has never seen the poles bend there before (MX-19 series). I guess the wave characteristics are different in hawaii. Both poles were bent and this is the second time, had them straightened the first time.
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