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Where to mount EPIRB on CC25?

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  • Where to mount EPIRB on CC25?

    I bought a new globalfix EPIRB for my CC25 and am debating about where to mount it. It's a manual release model (Cat II....I think?).

    To keep the unit out of the water (since it is activated manually or by water immersion) I am thinking of mounting it in the cabin. My concern is access to it if I needed it quick in the event of a fire or catastrophic failure (like outdrive falling off).

    Where do you have yours mounted?

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    You don't have to worry about keeping it dry as long as it is in the cradle. It can only be activated by water out of the cradle.
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      I mounted my ditch bag to port just as you go down steps into cabin (under the power panel). EPIRB is in the bag. Just reach thru the open door (we always keep hatch up), grab the bag off the velco and go.
      Hope I never have to use it


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        I mounted mine on the front of the wooden cabinet to the starboard side in the cabin. Epirbs have a magnet that prevents moisture activation as long as they are in the cradle. Category I epirbs deploy automatically when submerged between 3 and 14 feet so they must be mounted on the exterior of the boat free of obstructions. Category II ebirbs must be manually released from the cradle so they can be mounted anywhere on the boat that is within easy reach. When heading offshore I put mine in a waterproof rapid ditch bag that is within easy reach in the cabin with all my other safety gear (sat phone, handheld radio, flairs, first aid kit etc...). Both types of epirbs can be manually activated. Hope this helps.



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          Okay...looks like a good option is to keep it mounted in the cabin while docked/trailered. Once underway keep it in the ditch bag. Sounds logical!

          Thanks, guys!


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            I mounted the EPIRB on the wooden cabinet. I will take it out of the cradle and put it in my ditch bag when I head offshore. Next thing to buy is a liferaft!

            On a side note: watching the Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel will certainly put an enhanced focus on safety!