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  • I Did It !!

    I Just Got To Say I Did It! I Passed My Captains Licence Just Tonight And Iam Proud Of It... Its Was A Grind ,.lots To Learn But Well Worth The Hard Work.. Iam Sure Some Of You Know What I Mean,,,iam Picking Up The New 32 Around The 29th Or So,iam Pumped.... Chuck

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    Congratulations - I did the same thing a few years ago after spending almost 50 years on the water - can alway learn something new. It is a relief afterwards and something to be proud of.
    Capt. B

    Now a 2014 28' Regulator
    Wall, NJ


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      I Did It

      Thanks Capt. B Appreciate The Congrats....


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        Congrats, got mine 3 years ago and remember how tough it was. Best of luck.


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          Nice work!! My father who has his 100 ton has been wanting me to test, I just have not found the time I know I need to prepare for it. Again, Congrats!

          "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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            Congrats, I got mine 3 years ago. It is a tuff test. lots to memorize!
            DIABLO CC 28'


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              Congratulations ChuckaBear!

              I got mine in August 05. Had to take two weeks off in January to prepare for the exams. Did my STCW95 exam last year.

              Any of you guys know exactly what is required for license renewal every 5 years? I hear you don't want to let your license expire or you have to go through the whole testing ordeal again.
              Steve on Reel Screamer
              2004 Carolina Classic 28


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                For renewal:

                Physical, First Aid, CPR, application and fee to Coast Guard.

                They do not remind you when you five yrs is up so you have to keep track. It's my understanding that if you go past the date you have to retest..
                28 Carolina Classic
                OCFC, MD.


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                  congrats have mine for 8 years good luck
                  GO DEEP!!!!! TAKE A KID FISHING......


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                    congrats on passing your exam ! It's nice to know that guys still want to improve themselves ,as better seamanship , Iv'e heard many guys talk trash on the docks of how you don't need a lisence ,but when you do it ,you know what youv'e accomplished. Enjoy that new 32" ,thats one nice lookin rig.

                    Capt. Jim Fowler


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                      Congrats on a well earned license . I got my 100 ton in 1974, don't think I could pass the six pack license with todays standards. Wish you the very best.
                      "Addison Leigh"
                      1995 Carolina Classic 28'
                      Wrightsville Beach, NC


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                        Thanks Capt.

                        I'm On The Outer Banks Now, Just Waiting On The Electronics To Be Installed And Then I Am Ready To Go.... Can't Wait To Go Fishing.


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                          congrats on the license and new boat. Got mine a year ago also.
                          For renewal you also need to have documented sea time, so keep a detailed log book of EVERY time you are on the water.
                          My log book doubles as my fishing catch log that I need to turn in to our DNR for being a charter captain.
                          Great Lakes
                          2000 25


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                            License question - details

                            For those of you who are licensed to run 6 pack charters... What exactly does your license say? I went down to the Coast Guard rec center to have my STCW 95 certificate authenticated and while I was waiting I started wondering about the wording on my license (received it back in 2005). Maritime institute, where I took my course and license exams (80 hrs, 5 Federal exams) and later my STCW training & exams (3 days), gave me the wording to use on my original application/license request since the CG forms are less than clear . My license does not state OUPV anywhere. In abbreviated form it basically reads Master Inland Waters to 50 GT. Mate Near Coastal Waters to 50 GT. (I specified the tonnage based on boats I had earned seatime on). Plus authorized to engage in towing. Does this seem correct to you guys? I am basically looking for confirmation from you guys on two points.
                            1. The abbreviation OUPV or the phrase "Operator of Uninspected Passenger Vessel" not mentioned anywhere on the license.
                            2. Master Inland waters but only Mate Near Coastal waters.

                            Any of you guys understand the terminology better than I do?
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                            Steve on Reel Screamer
                            2004 Carolina Classic 28


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                              you are covered for 6 pack charters on inland and as a mate on near shore it sounds like to me. Oupv is bottom license then up the ladder the way I understand it. So you could operate a 50gt capable boat which is larger than an oupv boat.
                              Mine reads "master of steam or motor vessels of not more than 50 registered gross tons (domestic tonnage) upon the great lakes and inland waters; also authorized to engage in commercial assistance towing"
                              And I operate a 6 pack basically because my boat is too small to have more than that on there anyway. If I were fortunate enough to obtain an larger vessel, I would look into getting coast guard inspected for 10-15 passangers then my boat would have to be 50 gt or less is my understanding.
                              Great Lakes
                              2000 25