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  • Summer Canyon Tournament

    There was some chatter last Fall on the site about organizing a Northeast Canyon Tournament. It certainly seems like we have enough members that would be interested. The challenge seems to be the logistics. I'm looking for opinions and ideas.

    1. The idea of having a 2 or 3 day tournament where all boats dock in the same area seems to be unrealistic. Ideally, this would be a lot of fun to get to meet everyone else and to have everyone leave and come back to the same port. The social benefits to tournaments are half the fun but it doesn't seem doable since everyone is so spread out. Thoughts?

    2. Plan B, at least for the first year, to see how it works, if we could do a three-day canyon tournament (you pick two days to fish), where you could leave from and return to any port fishing from Cape Cod to the Washington Canyon. You don't get to enjoy the camradarie, but at least we could all share pics and weight of the fish through the posts on the website. I'm sure we would use the honor system for weights, etc.

    3. Another idea might be that we could identify one or two ports on Long Island, two ports on Jersey, one or two in Maryland, one in the Cape, etc. You would be required to leave from one of those ports. I'm not sure that would create more of a gathering in the same marina....that is what I'm trying to achieve.

    I was not thinking that this would be a money tournament....more for bragging rights!....but I leave that up to everyone else's opinion too.

    I'm sure there is a better idea out there....let me hear it!
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    Sounds like a good idea.


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      Cape may NJ

      I like to see the 3rd option work.Why don't we call off ports to see if the third option is possible. I can go to cape may. That's a popular port.
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        Option 3 also

        Falmouth Mass?


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          Option #3 seems most feasable..

          OC Maryland could be one..
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            Canyon Tournament

            I really like the idea of a Carolina Classic tournament. I had thought of the same idea each time I saw the Albermarle/Cabo shoot out in Cape May. I think the idea of leaving from the inlet of your choice would get more people involved. It would be great if we could have a small entry fee and print up some T-Shirts like the "First Carolina Classic Tournament". The details would have to be worked out as to how you qualify a Marlin as we would release it. Maybe a digital photo with date or some other idea. Tuna could be weighed by any official weigh station which we could designate. The other idea depending on how many people are interested would be to have regional areas where the participants could meet after fishing for drinks and talk. It just seems like there must be enough of us around to make this work.

            I'm In !!!!!!!

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              Option 2 or 3 will work. I'm out of Barnegate NJ. I think there are a few boats in this area. I'm also up for just a get together maybe at Tices Shoal. We could raft up and drink beer and a martini or two and tell tall fish stories.
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                Long Island may require 2, eastern (perhaps Shinnecock) and western (Jones or East Rockaway) Or we could get by with one centrally located (Fire Island)

                I think we as owners should talk with our local fuel dock/bait-weigh station to see if they would be willing to participate in a "friendly" tournament. We can then narrow down the ports by willingness to participate. That being said, I'm in, I run from Fire Island and will talk to my fuel dock to see if he would be interested in keeping score for us.

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                  good ideas so far...let's hear from others that would participate. This wouldn't be much of tournament with only 7 boats! Since this idea is starting to take shape, I'll post a list of more specific questions within the week so we can begin to nail-down a specific plan.
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                    We could do Cape May..


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                      We could join Backman in Falmouth, MA.


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                        summer canyon tourny

                        We could fish Cape May , Atlantic City ,or Barnegate I am sure Offshore tackle in AC would do weighin ,and Trumps Marina can do transit slips if you need one. Also Kammermans fuel dock can do weighin too.
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                          f.stop II could fish out of cape may could get fish weighed in and photo at hinch marina. count me in

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                            I Am In!!! I Think The Best Way Would Be To Leave From Any Port And Have Offical Weight Stations And Have An Awards Night At A Hall In Nj,ny,ct Or Mass. Have More Than One Fish Too Tuna Shark

                            Capt Dave
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                              Great idea waiting for more info. South Jersey good spot