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  • CC28 w/250 Cummins

    I am new to the forum and was reffered to it as I have been seriously looking at the 28 Carolina for my next boat. I have read thru all of the topics and threads and have learned a lot, Thank You.

    One of my concerns/requirements is to have 300-400 mile range and have been hearing mixed reports of the 28's w/Cummins 250's performance. I have heard fuel burn numbers anywhere from 10-12 gph at 25knt cruise to 20-22 gph at 25 knt cruise. In reading thru the various threads I am not seeing any definitive reports of the performance of this combination.

    So, my question is: Does anyone have any real world performance numbers for the Cummins 250's.

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    2005 Cc 28


    I have a 2005 CC28 with 250 Cummins that I am selling (see the posts under Buy / Sell forum).

    With a full load of fuel, food, guys, equipment, etc. I never get less than 1.00 nm to the gal @ about 2450 rpm. Cruise is right at 20 / 21 knots.

    With a full load of fuel, food, guys, equipment, etc. I get a little better than 1.00 nm to the gal @ about 2600 rpm. Cruise is right at 23 / 24 knots.

    I go 2450 because that is 80% of WOT (3050). If you are OK with 85% of WOT then 2600 rpm is good.

    I fish the Gulf of Mexico, so there is usually a good breeze and a chop (2' to 3').

    The Cummins is the last of the mechanical engines. Everything from now on is electronic.

    Depending on your persepective the mechanical can be a good thing.

    I have a 200 gal tank and routinely fish 70 miles offshore. All day of fishing, drift fishing that night, and return with trolling both days and I still have 30 / 40 gal of fuel left.

    If I go 80 to 90 miles offshore I bring extra fuel (just in case).

    Hope this helps.

    You will not be disappointed with a CC28.



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      I appreciate your response and yes it does help. It looks like the lower performance numbers I have heard are the more accurate ones. Unfortunately that gives the 28 a limited range, probably in the 200-220nm arena. Unless I carry extra fuel, it's just not going to get me out there and back not to mention reserves. This also seems to line up with other combinations that have been discussed in other threads. 18000 pounds worth of boat and gear sure does take it's toll on performance, but that is also what makes it a superior offshore ride.

      I agree the mechanical engines have their advantages. Don't have to worry about losing electronic controlled engines during the old lightening strike or saltwater versus electronics battle. A bit of piece of mind 90 miles off shore.


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        I hope I didn't flood you with a bunch of quick replies, if so I am sorry. Took me a minute to figure out the reply situation.


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          CC28 Fuel

          I just posted another link for someone else asking about fuel on the 28. I owned a 2000 28 for a few years before I moved up to the 32. We almost always do canyon overnight fishing. The 28 would run to the Canyon on Saturday at noon, troll that evening till 6 pm, lay overnight and troll the next day from 6AM to about 12 noon. We never brought extra fuel and never had a fuel concern. The canyons are 70 miles from our inlet and we troll from the tip out another 15 miles. Here is a link with very acurate fuel consumption listings, It is not a perfect guage of the fuel consumption but will tell you what you are looking at as per gallons for each RPM you are running.


          CC32-Cape May, NJ