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400 Hp In A 25 Cc

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  • 400 Hp In A 25 Cc

    I was just looking at the CC book and it says the most hp the 25 is available with is 400 hp was wondering if anyone has a boat with that hp and what kind of numbers are you getting.

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    Rockland expo

    Anyone going to the Rockland expo this weekend?


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      I was told by Keith to expect about 1.7mpg with the 8.1l Crusader. They come in two versions - 385hp and a HO model that's a little higher. I haven't put mine with the 8.1 replacement in the water yet so I can't say how it will run but again Keith said that it's a great match
      Advance, NC


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        I have a 2000 with the 7.4 and get about 38-39 mph tops out of her with a normal load. Buddy has a 2004 with the 8.1 and it's night and day different. He gets 45-46 mph out of his. These are fresh water numbers too. I drove his and the throttle response is WAY better with the 8.1. If I had an extra 12-15 grand to sink into her, a new motor would be on the way!
        I do get better mileage while trolling though and we spend a lot of hours trolling for salmon around here.
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