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Looking to buy a 28 CC, have some questions.

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  • Looking to buy a 28 CC, have some questions.

    Hi, we're looking to move up in the boat category to the 28 CC. Have heard great things about it, and am looking forward to getting into one.
    I have a question regarding this one boat we are looking at, I'll give the important specs:
    1995 28 CC
    8.1L 385HP Crusaders (installed 2005)

    I just wanted to get other owners opinions on the boat. Would you recommend getting a 1995 with new engines installed? Or should we be looking at something newer? What do you guys think about the engine hours? What will the gas mileage be like, and would you recommend a diesel?
    The boat seems to have been well maintained, and I got some good feedback on the owner.

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    I have a 1995 28' without tower. What drives does the boat have? or straight inboard. I can give you insight on Mercruiser/454 JS performance numbers not inboard. Let me know. PM me if you want to ask questions.Mark


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      No issues on hull - inspect systems carefully

      The hull is going to be fine - w/ a 12 year old boat I would expect to be doing maintenance and replacement on all systems - water pumps, bilge pumps and hoses, some electrical rewiring.

      If the eisenglass is original you'll have to replace that at some point. Same w. cockpit bolsters and seat cushions.

      I'd also want a good look at running gear and throughhull condition.

      I wouldn't shy away from it, but I would go in eyes wide open and ask for receipts onas many repairs and upgrades as possible.


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        Thanks for the input guys. I'll try and find out some more and maybe shoot you a PM ocutshine.
        I do have one more question though. What are some comparable boats to look at? Something like the Albemarle 280XF? I want to compare the CC with some other good brands also...


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          Not many at 28'

          Blackfin 29
          Blackwatch 30 ( cored hull be very careful there...)
          older Rampage 30 or 31's
          Pursuit 30 inboard

          all come to mind as ones I either looked at 8 years ago or have noticed since.


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            We also run a 95 with Merc 454's straight inboard. Had them rebuilt last year. Before deciding on the rebuild we looked into repower both gas and diesel. Almost went with the Crusaders but went cheap anticipating a possible move up in the future. Great motors but required some fairly significant modifications to accomidate them. Be sure to check out the install thoroughly. I agree with Backman, we purchased our 28 3 years ago and since have replaced almost everything top to bottom. This even includes things you don't usually think about like hot water heater, refrigerator and head. Make sure you get a thorough inventory of all that has been upgraded. You can pm me also if you have any questions.


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              I have a 99 with 2004 8.1 volvos. I get about 1.1 or 1.2 mpg. plenty of power that is with jackshafts.


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                Thanks again for your comments. Looking at those other models the CC seems to be the one we're going to go for. I e-mailed the seller with some questions, and will get back to you guys with any further questions I have.
                BTW we're also looking at a '99 model diesel (cummins), any advantages with the '99 model over '95?


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                  I have a 99 with Cummins 6BTA's and can try to answer any questions you may have.
                  28 Carolina Classic
                  OCFC, MD.


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                    the 99 you are talking about has the diesels big advantage. If I could afford the diesels that is what i would be running right now.


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                      Just got some info back on that 95. It has Volvo Duo Props via jackshafts.
                      Anything good or bad with this setup? Should we be looking for anything when we take it out for a ride?
                      Also, the wiring and hoses are new and very clean. This seems to be a very well maintained boat. Just gotta make the decision between a big gas engine or a diesel...


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                        I'd suggest that you avoid a jackshaft boat like the plague. The only way I'd consider one is if you need it for shallow water areas and you can keep it lift stored. Even then, expect a lot of mechanical issues. As an owner of both a jackshaft and inboard 28', look for an inboard.


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                          When your comparing boats try to look at the Albermarle, Henriques, Blackfin combi and then look at the Carolina Classic. You should see a lot of differences. My brother and I looked at those and found out that we got so much more in the Carolina. If you can afford it, go with the diesels.We have a 2003 28' with a hardtop and twin 300 volvos. We love this boat. I only have good things to say about the boat and company.
                          2003 28 Carolina Classic
                          Twin 300 Volvo's