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    Anyone on here got any good fishing stories? I am sure there are some old salts on here that have some great stories that us youngin's could benefit from.

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    Who said you have to be old to have a good story! The only close call I've had was two years ago when I was fishing the Hudson Canyon with two other guys of my 28.

    Before we left the dock, I took the sea strainers out to clean them and forgot to open the port sea cock when I put that one back in. As soon as I left the lagoon and put her on plane, she began blowing black smoke and it didn't take long to figure out that I burned up the impeller. We went back to the marina on one engine and I was in luck! The marina had my impeller in stock. After a 3 hour delay, we were off to the canyon again.

    We arrived at the Hudson Canyon 30 minutes after dark. I didn't spend much time looking for bait and decided to throw the hook in about 400 feet of water. The day before, the water was in the 70's, that night it was 62. We didn't get a touch all night until 1:00 am.

    I saw the tip of the rod bouncing a little so I picked it up and felt a big pull as I stood in the rear port corner of the cockpit. I locked down on the fish and began reeling. I fought the fish for no more than 10 seconds before it charged the transom and launched itself over the starboard corner (and over the head of my buddy clearing a rod for me) of the cockpit. The mako glanced my outrigger and landed about 20 feet away. The fight only lasted another minute before the line snapped. After changing our underwear, we had a good laugh.

    That Mako was very very close to ending up in the cockpit. Now that would of been a story!
    2002 28
    Volvo Kamd 44p's



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      That is a good story. Talk about a close call. Keep em coming.