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  • Hatteras

    I am suppose to be heading out of Hatteras thursday the 4th assuming my crew holds up. Has anyone been out of there lately? I know they are killing the small kings but I was wondering if anyone had heard of many tuna or wahoo. Any information would be greatly appreciated or if anyone wants to ride along you are more than welcome to join in. Suppose to be a beautiful day 2 to 3 with winds out of the southwest.

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    We were down there and went out of OI on thursday and Friday last week. Fished the point and just south all the way down to the 500 on the 100 fathom. Thursday there was a 4 degree break 68 green/ 72 blue. we caught two out of three wahoo 40#ers on the warm side. I heard of fish being caught further to the south. Friday the break was not as distinct but we caught one more wahoo on the planer about the same size and a yellowfin on the bar, both in 71 degree water. I would think that you should be able to find some just outside of the diamond tower if you can find the warm water.

    Good Luck and Tight Lines,

    Reel Happy


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      Thank you very much Reel Happy. That is what I was thinking. I have been looking at the surface temp charts and there is a decent looking break right around the tower. I was thinking the 260 or 280 rocks start out and troll north for a couple of hours and if we haven't struck yet come in and try the bluefin and kings. They are hammering the small to medium size kings on the 200 line about 17 miles out from the sea buoy. I will post up a report either tommorrow night or friday morning. I have 2 professionals going with me so if there are any fish around we should do some damage anyway.


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        Been on the phone ever since I made that last post. Last charter boat out was Sunday fished the 230 rocks and caught 6 wahoo and 10 blackfin. They have also been killing the kings between the 160 and 200 line about 17 miles out. I hope this info can help someone else out as it has boosted my spirits about my trip tomorrow. I am PUMPED about it now.


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          ok for the fishing report from my trip today. Found another small kink or 2 I need to work out but nothing that some grease and elbow grease cant fix. Now for the fishing. Went out of Ocracoke inlet today punched through the inlet around 7 ish. Headed straight for the rock pile. Found a break from about 64.5 to almost 67 so decided to put the baits in and try a yellow fellow. No luck though but we were only about 6 or 7 miles from the rock pile so we decided to troll out. Had a slow but steady increase in temp and got out in about 90 foot of water had a break from 70.4 or so to 72ish and bam left long pops and quits. We thought we just missed got it to the boat and had been bit off. Look back and there is a fish on top. Hit the planer rod and nobody was paying attention to it. Caught him 30lbs hoo. Got our gear back together made a circle over that ledge again and bam Right long. cut off AGAIN. Being young and dumb I should have realized right then we needed to put out wire. Had a crew on the boat that insisted of fishing the rock pile so we started trolling on that way and nothing. Made 2 loops around the rock pile nothing. Started realizing the wind was picking up a little bit and we were the only boat out there so we decided we best start trolling back toward the western because the weather here can change in the snap of a finger. Trolled in towards where we had our bites earlier and look back and the planer is tripped again. Nothing bit the end off our ballyhoo. Get it set back out and troll over the ledge where we had our bites earlier and nothing. We decided it was starting to get where we needed to come in. My fishing partners had a long ride home and the wind was picking up a little more all the time. reeled everything in and both of the long riggers had been cut offf and NEVER popped the release clip. So young and dumb mistake but next time I will be wired up. Hope you enjoy.