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Should I install battle station or chair?

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  • Should I install battle station or chair?

    I am having a new CC28 made now at the factory. Originally, I wanted a battle station installed for medium tuna, but was talked out of it. The person said the only time he uses his is for giants, and it would just take up room at the corners. The chair is too large for the 28 so I chose the battle station. We do mostly stand up fishing. Any thoughts from anyone would help.
    Sanford Hochman

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    We have a tournament 80 Pompanette chair on our 28, and have no problems with room. We thought of taking it out, but after a coule trips we decided we liked it, we usually fish 4-5 people. Ours is an 01 so we have a livewell, 06 shouldn't have one so you'll have even more room. We did however remove the footrest, as we never used it and it gave us more room.


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      We do all Stand Up fishing and have a battlestation which works great for trolling down the middle. Personally, I feel a chair would take up to much room on a 28 and people would be falling over it when a hell breaks loose with multiply hook ups etc.
      That's not to say there have not been times when I wish I had a chair.
      28 Carolina Classic
      OCFC, MD.


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        We have the tournament 80 Pompanette also and have had no problems with room. Our 28 is an 01' so we too have the livewell. Had a tripple of 50 lb. yellowfin back in october with 5 on the boat and had no problems. Thinking of removing the foot rest for rockfishing in the winter or possibly just unbolting the chair and removing it for the winter season.


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          Thanks for your advise. I will reconsider this.
          Sanford Hochman


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            To Chair or not to Chair that is the question

            I had a 01 cc-28 before we took delivery on the 32. I would not own a boat without a chair. Even when we are fishing standup its nice to have that chair nearby when you hook into something really big. Like the 200 lb bigeye my wife caught on the 28 or the 500lb Blue Marlin she hooked into last year and fought for over an hour. The smaller chairs are perfect without the footrest. You can go with the pompenette or the custom chairs out of Pennsylvania which are very reasonable. Besides the fishing its a great place to kick back and enjoy the ride while traveling to the canyons. I have never felt like the chairs took away from the fishing room on the boats. Here is a couple of pics of the chair on the 28 & the new Chair on the 32. Check out the dealers at the New York boat show this week.

            Beowulf CC-32 Cape May, NJ
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