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2006 season is gone

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  • 2006 season is gone

    I can't say how glad I am that the 2006 season is over. I cannot wait till 2007 begins. It was a bad year for Beowulf fishing the Baltimore,WIlmington & Southern canyons. Some mechanical problems stopped us from our favorite tournament and work killed all the time we had in August & September. Yes work, stopped us cold, too bad I need the money to pay for the $ 600.00 fuel bills. We did manage a tuna or two but not one Marlin. The Mai Mai where fine but small. Of course there was the ever present bluefish and even a mako was boated on one of the many overnighters. Well we always enjoy the boat and next year is right around the corner. We expect another 500 lb Blue and all the Tuna we can handle. Interested to know who did what at the canyon's in 2006.
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    I know what you mean about work! I keep Tigerlily in Portugal and live in England so it's always difficult to make time but in September the white marlin arrived and my portuguese buddies were tagging 4 - 8 fish a day up to 80 lb + and I couldn't make the time to be there. I got there in October and the whites had gone......doh!!
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      14 offshore trips, 360.00 fuel bills. yellowfin and bluefin and a couple mahi and one mako. No blue,white,bigeye.sword. Every trip was priceless, can't wait till next year.

      That's me and my son in one picture and thats my crew hard at work in the other picture.
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        South Jersey Fishing

        Hey "Petty Cash" : I see you boat out of Atlantic City. We should keep in touch for next season. I am docked in Cape May during the season and Ocean City in the winter. We probablly fish the same grounds . Sure would be fun if we could get a Carolina boat owners tournament going or even better a Carolina vs Albermarle - Now that would be fun !!!!


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          I am also on the Jersey Shore.

          I would be up for a Carolina Classic Tourney that lasted 3 or 4 days. I'm not as interested in the competition as I would be in the opportunity to get together with other CC boat owners.

          Maybe it's an idea that we can kick around the next couple of months. Anyone else interested?
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            Carolina Classics in NJ

            Hey Beowulf, I too am In Cape May, was at harborView, Moving over to utches, next season, the 28 Drafts too much water at Harborview. I think there are Quite a few of us Jersey Guys here.


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              My email is [email protected] anyone wants to get together or go on the same day w/seperate boats email me, or we can all post on fish talk when we are going. I wanted to go out this sunday for blue fin and could'nt drum up a crew.

              Where do you guys store your boats for the winter. This is my first year and I'm thinking of putting my boat at Cardinal Yachts on bay ave Somers Point, also thinking SJ marina Cape May because Eckels Diesel mechanics would be able to work on my engines there. Any suggestions?
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                Unfortunatly our season is over too. We pulled ours on friday. We stored it in a little Marina Called Boat World up the Maurice River In Millville NJ. Try to keep it away from the salt as best we can in the winter.


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                  I have to get one if those bean bags....

                  A mini tourn would be great. We fished on our boat out of OCFC in Md the past 2 yrs.

                  We had a fairly good year fishing from Balt to Washington and inside from Tea Cup down to Sausages.

                  Ended up with 2 freezers full of Tuna. Plenty of small Mahi and had a Blue hooked up for a while on one trip.

                  Our biggest fish was a nice 156lb BFT caught in September on the 40 line.

                  Almost 2 hrs on standup, but well worth the fight.

                  if anybody can give me a quick class on how to post pictures, I'll try and get some up.
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                    Mid Winter Get together

                    Hey guys don't sound so down. A lot of us have our boats in the OBX of NC and fishing is always as good as the weather. Hotel rooms are cheap this time of year and the food is real good. Lots of good shopping for the ladies if you have to bring them. I will be down there most weekends weather permitting. I was thinking maybe between Christmas and New Years a group of us could meet there. The Hooters Striper Tournament is during that week. I have two houses and would rent one if a group of you guys from up north wanted one. Maybe Mac and Keith would come over for dinner.
                    I will kick my regular crew to the curb and would have 4 spots for striper fishing.

                    Let me know, maybe a different date

                    Reel Happy you in?
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                      Done as it started

                      My last trip on Sunday ended up 1 for 2 on school bluefin and a nice 44" striper. The offshore season started in the same spot Juneool 15, 2 for 4 on those same school bluefin as well as way to many oceanic bluefish.

                      In between I did 22 trips offshore; 6 of which were canyon runs. 430 hr's on the engines this year; ~ 3500 gallons of fuel burned.

                      Large fish were a couple 61-65" bluefin; tons of smaller bluefin and yellowfin. 1 for 3 on white marlin, 0 for 2 on blue marlin, 1 for 3 on wahoo and maybe 0 for 1 on swords.

                      I would be up for an XMas/New Years CC get together if someone would take me as crew.


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                        Our season wasn't too bad once it got started. After waiting for our rebuilds to be completed, 3 months past delivery date, we dropped in the last week in July. First trip out we got 5 yf to 40lbs. From there not to bad, more tuna, a 125lb sword and a couple of wahoo one 52 and one we estimate at 80+ along with a bunch of mahi to 15lbs.

                        We run out of Harbor Cove in Somers Point, NJ. I think it would be great to get together with other CC owners in the area. Wouldn't hurt to start a fishing network either since we all fish the same general areas.

                        Petty Cash, as usual we'll be laying up at Cardinal in Somers Point. I can't say enough about the service there but I also have the gas Merc engines.


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                          I could manage to do that. If needed I can even drag my little 25 down to fish. You might be seeing me down there real soon anyway, looks like the YFT bite is going off down there. Is the NC license going into effect in 2007? No problem for me since I am in the Navy and a NC resident, but it will make it a pain for me to get a crew together.


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                            To: CC28

                            I just noticed you were docked at Harbour Cove. Is that the Marina with the new Tiki Bar and restaurant ? We had a few Vodka's there along with a great burger and Jimmy Buffet music. We are docked at Bree-Zee-Lee rigth next door if its the marina I am thinging of. If so we have to talk before the season begins so we can find all those hidden Tuna spots.

                            Steve, CC32 Cape May


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                              It's actually called Harbor View, and yes you are correct. It is the dock with the Tiki bar and resturant. The only downfall of that resturant is no parking for your boat. Sometimes we would have to walk a 1/4 mile to get tot he dock because of all the people at teh resturant. Before it opened there was always parking.