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Heading out to the 500 line AUG 9

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  • Heading out to the 500 line AUG 9

    I will out at the 500 line at the Hudson Canyon Wensday into Thursday. I will be on channel 68 REEL ADDICTION 28 cc

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    Was going to troll the 5oo line instead ran to the Toms got there aound 1 saw whales jumping tuna jumping the water was perfect plenty of life. Setup my spread started trolling towards the Cartert heard some guy on the radio said he was doing good out there trolled there and back only one mahi set up for the chunc at night had plenty of squid around the boat netted them and was only able to hool up to 1 big blue shark and 1 brown and a bunch of mahi. Started trolling around 6 for about 3 hours and did not catch anything picked up an ran back.