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New 25' CC. Need advice!

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  • New 25' CC. Need advice!

    Just got a 25' CC and was hoping to get a little advice on a good starting setup for trolling for dolphin, wahoo etc. Boat has outriggers, downriggers and rocket launchers. Can I get some suggestions on types of rods and reels, spread, teasors, good lures to use, etc. I am planning on hiring someone to help shorten the learning curve, but am interested in knowing a good starting point.

    Thanks a bunch!

    Will be fishing out of Oak Island,NC.

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    TAKE YOUR TIME!!! I went through the same thing a few years ago no need to hire someone look around and you will see what people are doing with rigs, spredder bars, out riggers, exct.Some things might not work for you. rigs are big bucks everyone's bars are better then the next guy's. see what works ask other boaters what worked for them.A good tackle shop should take the time to set you with the know how to make your rigs. If they don't inspect the pre made rig's (how they are rigged) and go buy them some where that is willing to take the time with you. picking the right hooks for the right lure. also check out some vidio's.

    go catch em up


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      fishing advice

      Spending a day with a good mate or Capt who fishes your area - you will learn how the pros do it locally. Might be worth the money.
      2) check on-line for local fishing boards. Here in FL there are many and most folks will share their 'secrets' (just not their bottom spots )

      You can waste a lot of money on lures and rigs.. building a tackle box full and most people end up with a handful of 'go-to' lures. I had 8 trays of tackle stolen and found that as I replaced I only needed a few. Fancy lures in the bait shop catch fisherman.. not always fish.

      We fish east coast Fl for species listed above. My basic trolling spread
      port transom something down (planer or weighted). Mostly often red/black on wire or naked hoo.
      starboard transom: flat line in close. Plastic squid or small jethead (with strip or hoo). Maybe 30ft back. Frequently gets hit.
      If I'm running a spreaderbar or mostly like a line of plastic squid, I run off same corner and put lure 5 ft behind.
      Forward on each side - depends on water conditions. If slightly rough I run jet heads (small to medium) with hoos. If glassy I use plastic heads (like C&C Lil Stubbies) naked or with hoos. Both these lines run to outrigger (inside lines). One runs 100 ft back, the other maybe 150.
      forward and up (I use the side rocket launchers). Similar to inside lines.. Again, I place these 20-40 ft further back.
      Lastly from uppermost launcher on the leeward side, we always run a way way back. 100+ yards. Mostly often an Islander with larger hoo. (If I had another rod holder mounted center transom would run it there).

      Colors: first thing in the am we run every color combination we can.. and see what gets hit. I do subscribe to the light color bright day, dark color overcast day theory. Try to always keep something blue (blue/white), green and red in the water.
      Don't overlook 'cheap' lures - like a SeaWitch with a strip or hoo.
      Small 'Billy Baits' - stick the hoos bill into the lure - great in the 2nd wave position.
      Mostly I run 80lb flouro leaders.. however if shallow and lots of kings around I run wire.
      All this means nothing if you can't find fish! Learn to watch the sky and read the water. It's all about finding areas most likely to hold fish.
      for what it's worth.. except for sails, we believe bite (around here) turns off with a NE wind. Best is 3 days of SE to build the weed lines.
      Take notes: everytime you go out keep a log. What get hits, where, water temps, time of day. Over time you will see patterns develop... which means you need to get out there often - isn't that why we all have boats anyway?
      tight lines johnd


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        Your Caroina !!!!!!!!!!

        If You Have Time Tell Us More About Your New Carolina.
        We Just Got Our 2006/ Yanmar Inboard & Love It...
        We Just Traded In Our 2000 25' For The New Inboard !!
        Fish Hard !!!!!!!!!! Norm
        25' C.C.~~YANMAR /INBOARD !!!!!


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          Thanks JohnD

          I appreciate the advice.


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            This is our first CC. Had a 18' Grady and decided to move up to get offshore. It is a 1999 with new 8.1. Boat looks like it is brand new. Previous owner really took great care of it. Very exciting!