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first bluewater trip results in 1st place

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  • first bluewater trip results in 1st place

    took the miss print (2006 32 carolina) on it first bluewater trip over memorial day. we were in a tournament with over 150 boats us being one of the smallest not sure if we were but know we wer one of the five smallest boats. We left friday night at 11pm and went 125 miles to bluewater first day notheing but a few small dolphin and hoos spent the night out there and got to fishing early the next morning. around noon had a fish hit hard and we fought it for 3.5 hours on standup 50. got back to the weigh dock and it ended up being a 184.8 pound yellowfin. the fish ended up in first place ahead of a 179.8 and a 179.5. anyway we had a great trip on the new cc she preformed like a beast.
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    Very nice.

    I really hope to get some this year. I'd be happy with some half that size.
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      first trip

      congrats! What engines do you have and how much extra fuel did you bring to make a 125 mile 2 day trip. I used almost 1/2 tank the other day going just 40 miles and fishing for 13 hours. Did you throw a chute at night? Do you have a genny? I agree these boats are beasts! I have had her out here in hawaii in 8 foot seas and 25-30 knot winds, she just plows through it. Was able to head down sea home at almost 20 knots! I have caught lots, the marlin are not shy and we had a 150lb yellow guy 2 weeks ago. We are going in a big tournament in 2 weeks here in hawaii, I will have to get busy and send some pics as well.
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        i have found that on the 28 and on the 32 the fuel gauge will goto 1/2 fairly fast but then it take longer to go from 1/2 to E just my experience though and maybe that is because i am buring less due to weight. I do have a chute and with that big deep v you can sleep on it with ease when you have the chute out. the 32 holds 350 gallons and i took an extra 50 with me we ran the genny the whole time. I hope to get out there soon and get after them again.


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          nice yellowfin

          very nice yellowfin -congrats
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