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The snap roll

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  • The snap roll

    If you have a 28 w/ a tower you know what I'm talking about. Shark fishing in a 3 or 4' sea or drifting into a rip broadside; the boat will go through 3 increasing rolls with the 3rd one having a tight snap to it which drives my inexperienced visitors nuts; though I'm used to it and know how to deal with it.

    I tend to use a 4' sea anchor on the midships cleat and about 15' of line for rip fishing - thet keeps the bow somewhat towards the current so I hit the rips off the stern corner, not broadside.

    Shark fishing or overnight tuna fishing - I use either a set of mexican hat flopper stoppers dropped down 10' off the midships cleat; or even better an aluminum "door" which seems to do an even better job of dampening the snap down to a slower and more managable roll.

    BTW - stay on the boat centerline and the roll is a lot easier to manage. If I have people starting to look green I seat them on the hatch between the tackle centers and have them look straight back at the livewell.

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    Snap Roll

    My 28 has a hard top, no tower, but I experience the so-called snap as well, maybe not as much as you do. The Sea anchor idea worked for me when I had my 25, helps to prevent the boat from sitting broadside all the time.

    I really wish that this boat had a little less deadrise but the ride will be compromised. I guess you can't have everything.

    2003 28 Carolina Classic Volvo 300 diesels


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      Here's a link to the stabilizer door

      Magma Products - High-Quality Marine and RV Products designed, tested, and manufactured for the great outdoors.

      It does an adaquate job of dampening the snap down to a steadier roll. Its not something you drop down for a 10 minute drift; but its great for sharking and tuna chunking when your staying put for a couple hours.

      I've been out on the edge without it and found 10 knots wind 2-3' the limits of comfort on a CC28, but with it down have been able to survive a night of 12-15 knots, 3-5' seas.


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        Backman, thanks for the info. I just got the boat last August and I haven't sharked or tuna chunked with it yet. Right now I'm using one of those large drift anchors(sea anchors) but will try what you have this yr for shark.
        2003 28 Carolina Classic Volvo 300 diesels


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          stabilizer door.........

          Did you get the outrigger to extend the stabilizer out away from the hull? If you did, excatly where did you mount it? If you didn' you just tie it off to the spring cleat?


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            Well since I have started to use my boat I have experienced the snap roll. I was hoping it would not be that bad because of less deadrise than the 28 and 13' beam but no such luck. The boat rocks less than my fathers 31 shamrock but that snap roll is worse. It does stop quick though.

            I am definetly going to get a 15' para-tech anchor for the overnighters.

            Larry, what size anchor do you use for sharkin to just turn the bow a little. Mine will need to be larger because of the weight but I need a starting point. I will look into the rocker stopers also. Don't they get in the way when fighting a fish? What if you have to spin the boat?
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              4' drift sock works on a 28

              It won't get you directly bow into the wind but it will get you out of the trough and at least 45 degrees into the wind. The downside of all the ood paraphenelia is a true cluster-f when a good fish shows up in the slick or hooks up blind.

              Clear the inside lines, pull up the rocker stopper; get the drogue in, start the boat and figure out what to do - glorious madness!