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  • Hudson Canyon

    Fished the Hudson on Saturday 7/23

    Left the dock @ 3:45 AM ran to 2 miles shy of the tip. Wetted the lines @ 7:45 AM

    Worked the tip down the west side to the deep. Water temps from 73.6 on the cold side to 76.8 on the warm side. Within 1 hr we raised a white on the long rigger squid bar, dropped a bally back and we hooked up. Unfortunately after 3 jumps he spit the hook. Working down the west side we found some porpoise, no bites. The canyon was void of bait and boats.

    Worked our way back up thru the bombs and to the tip, no luck. The sea conditions were not great so I figured I would troll to the tower and then pick up and run. 2 miles north of the tip a 40# yellow finally!! Well, until the hook pulled @ the gaff shot. 3 more bites in the area, no fish and @ 3:15 PM we pulled the lines and ran for the barn.

    Not the way I wanted my first canyon fun of the season to go but we are not going to catch them @ the dock

    Hoping some bait will pull into the area so it starts to hold some fish.

    "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32

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    How was your ride back? We only went out about 45 miles SE of Jones and it was right on the nose the whole way back. The sea's seemed to sharp and close together prob 3-5's. Once we got around 20 miles out it became around 2-4's.


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      On the nose!!

      The first 10 miles out of the canyon it was a solid 5' steep with no backs, we made 16-17 knots. @ 50 off we turned it up to 20 and by 40 off we were @ 23-24 knots for the rest of the ride.

      Not the calmest of days as NOAA screwed it up again!!

      "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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        Sucker's wind

        Larry's rules of northeast canyon fishing - never go south if the wind is from the north unless you are 100% sure it will lay down.

        I've been down there in one too many N E 15-20's to hopefully make the same mistake again. Funny thing is my returns in those conditions are right on yours; bare planing speed, 16-17 knots till you hit 200'; 20 knots down to 120' then you can zip on in.

        FWIW - I did day trips Friday and Sunday and it was FAC both ways Friday and FAC on the way in Sunday. The past 2 weeks have been as calm a period as I can remember.


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          Eventually, I will learn!! I can't remember the last N wind that has laid down for me to make a pleasant ride back.

          We will see what this weekend has in store for the "Donna Marie"

          "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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            7/30 Hudson

            Well, I made up for a poor trip last week this past Saturday.

            We ran to the Hudson on Saturday, set lines on the east side, hit some pots and pulled a few mahi off them. Trolled down the east side and across to the S/W corner where we began marking bait and fish.

            Within 10 minutes, 5 for 5 on longfin. Then 3 for 3, then 2 for 2 and lastly 1 for 3 . We ended the day 11 for 13 on longfin and 2 for 3 on mahi.

            Picked up @ 1 PM to run back to weigh the largest couple of longfin. The largest was 41# and was big enough to win the day catagory tuna in the Babylon Invitational tuna tourney.

            Hope this is marks the begining of a strong season at the Hudson, only time will tell!!

            P.S. We donated 4 of the fish to the club which sells them and gives the money to A.H.R.C.

            "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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              Great report Chris.

              How was the sea on saturday. Unfortunitly we could'nt make it out. We will go this weekend weather permitting. I am off all next week so I might do a few trips. If it's good, we will overnight. Let me know what you are doing. Maybe we can hook up.
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                NOAA screwed it up again, but this time in our favor. It was flat glass calm!!

                Hoping to possibly make a run late in the week and then again on the weekend. Let me know your plans.

                "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32