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September Fishing

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  • September Fishing

    This has been quite a season for Beowulf. There has been many Tuna including a 150lb Bluefin, a few whites, lots of Dolphin and various bottom dwelling creatures. We did another overnighter this Friday the 21st and added another little fish to the season.

    Chris did a great battle with this 85 Lb Wahoo.

    Steve & Chris
    CC32-Cape May, NJ
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    Where's the fish

    Where have you been catching all these fish?
    Certainly has been very slim off OC Md.


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      Where did we find the fish ?

      The Wahoo was caught about 5 miles before the Wilmington tip. We also caught some yellowfin the same day but that was out into the deep of the Canyon. The Bluefin tuna were around the 19 Fathom lump for almost a month during August. We caught a 150 lb bluefin and we saw other boats weigh in Tuna up to 190 lbs. The dolphin have been all over the canyons this year and some were fairly nice size. White marlin are now in the Baltimore Canyon as well as the Wilmington. We had lots of yellowfin earlier this season at Poormans. If your fishing out of Maryland you probably are in range of the same canyons we fish. We look for the temperature breaks as well as speaking with the charter captains out of Cape May. The last report we had as of yesterday was that the best chance for White Marlin seems to be Baltimore Canyon.

      Steve & Chris


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        Great Wahoo..

        We got ours the end of July just inside the Baltimore..

        Lots of Wahoo this year. I heard a 103lber was caught out of Indian River near Tea Cup a few days ago. Can't confirm that.

        Please send those YFT down our way. It's usually real good this time of year on the 40 line inside Poormans.

        If you hear of the YFT down this way, would appreciate the info.



        CC28 OCFC
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        28 Carolina Classic
        OCFC, MD.


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          steady pick of 60-80# yellows has been going on for the past 2 months between Hydro and Fishtales.

          In the last week the chunk bite up here has lit up and every boat that puts in the time seems to encounter at least 1 100#+ yellow per trip. I had an 80 and a 100 in the box last trip and cut off another 100 because we had no room. Tough problem to have !

          Presumably a few nor'easters will send 'em your way.