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Spool's Out 9/2 -3 Lindy Skunk

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  • Spool's Out 9/2 -3 Lindy Skunk

    Posted by my partner on another site.. Not our best trip ever...

    Sunday 9/2

    1:30 PM Leave Somers Point with full tanks, bait cut, good crew and all the other essentials.

    2:15 PM Port Engine overheating, back down and temp cools down

    2:20 PM Back up and running Bilge Pumps turn on?????

    2:30 PM Heading back to port on one engine with blown oil cooler hose.

    4:50 PM Back in Somers Point running around looking for replacement hose while original is taken out. Of course this is about the hardest hose to get to especially with the blocks red hot.

    6:05 PM Pulling back out of Somers Point trying to find fuel to replace what we already burned. Crew together, but a little tired. All fuel docks closed, bribe attendant to open up

    6:30 PM Out of GE on the way to the Lindy, fuel tanks filled!!!!

    9:00 PM Avoid almost unlit “mystery ship” 20 miles short of Lindy. Big ship and absolutly no running lights, thank goodness for radar. Absolutly freaky.

    10:00 PM on the drift looking for our first bite.

    1:30 AM (I think) Call out to everyone about a pair of freighters steaming through the 75 boat fleet! Everyone OK???

    3:30 AM 1 missed jig bite, one missed sword rig bite, called in by Sea Cure to the action – Thank you for the hope!!!!

    6:30 AM On the troll – NO chunk bites at all.

    8:30 AM Called into the 40 Ftm fingers for some “yellow bellies” Thanks Chris and Tony!

    9:30 AM One 12” YFT caught and released on 9” Rainbow Squid Chain. Yep that's right a 12" YFT..

    10:00 AM Head for the BARN!!!

    There you go, a very safe, but unsuccessful canyon report!!!!!

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    Lets go offshore tonight so you can post a better report. Fish always bite before a storm. N of 38 variable winds. Hmmm.
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      Love to but I have some family obligations tomorrow. We'll keep trying though.