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Hudson 9/2-9/3

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  • Hudson 9/2-9/3

    Took the Maulena (28CC) for her first trip to the deep. Left Great Kills, S.I., at 9:20 AM. Lines in the water by 2. Trolled down the East side with the rest of the boats, not even a knock down. Decided to try the less populated West wall. Around 6 PM we hit the lower turn and find 75# class yellowfin jumping out of the water. Just a handful of boats, tons of fish, and not one hit, several of us decide to anchor up and begin the chunk. Nothing happens until 9 PM when we start reading bait and fish up top, then comes our first run-off, the Maulena's first tuna is boated, a yellowfin around 75/80 lbs. We continue to read bait but all is quiet again until around 10:30 when things break open. From then on we had fish around the boat all night long. Sardines and Squid were the preffered menu items. Ended up keeping 8 Yellowfin and 1 Longfin, which we picked up on the troll at sun up. We easily could have had 20+ fish but with only 3 of us on the boat and no more available space we called it quits, releasing all others. At 2AM, after we already had 7 fish in the box, and with fish breaking the surface around the boat, I broke out a Van Staal 300 on a Shimano butterfly spinning rod and tossed out a sardine. Within 2 minutes I had a 75# class fish on which was fought for nearly 2 hours. Just as it was doing its death circle and we were about in gaffing range the fish takes off like a bullet and became dinner to a large shark. The fish were with us until the sun came up. What an unbelievable first trip!

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    Sounds like a great time. I get a charge out of seeing all the salt water fish. Nice report & pictures.
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      Nice report. Great pictures
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        simply awesome pictures! congratulations on an excellent trip and a job well done.


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          great pictures but

          even better - explain to me about that nifty looking lure holder you have going on under the gunwale!


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            Lure Holder

            Backman - they are neat, my buddy turned me on to them. (Du-Bro Pro Series Kwik-Lure & Leader Keeper) Each spool has an aluminum tube which sticks down. You place the hook point into the tube then wind the leader around the spool. There is a rubber plug to hold the leader in place and the spools then slip into the bracket. The bracket can either be screwed or suction cupped to the boat. The suction cups hold great except when a large tuna gets loose in the cockpit. Not sure how well they would be on large marlin lures but for most of what I use they work great.

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              Awesome pics & a nice trip!! How much does that lure holder run?

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