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    Does anyone have strong opinions on which brand of flying gaffs to buy? After losing a large shark in a tournament last weekend it is time to retire my home-made jobs...I am currently looking at Aftco and So-Lo gaffs. I use them primarily during shark tournaments. I would appreciate any input.


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    I have used both of the gaffs mentioned. For my money the Aftco is the best bet. We primarily use an Aftco flyer with a 6" (sharpened to a razor point) hook. Tourney time I have two rigged and ready with lines cleated, setting on each side of the gunnel . Contrary to others, I use double 60lb mono as the breakaway.We hold the gaff line tight wih the handle and drive the point home in a controlled fashion. No tomahawk spazoid lunges.Nothing worse than a premature penetration and the breakaway coming loose. If the shark is big enough the double 60 will break, if it won't the gaff point is home, let the handle go. It floats. The best advice I can give you is keep the points sharp, remain poised and alert. You can read all you want on proper technique and point placement when gaffing a shark. Tourney time, the best place is the first one that safely presents itself to you.
    Just my opinion.


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      I use the AFTCO with a 10" hook. Look around on-line for the best price. Do you own splice with about 35' of quality 1/2 nylon - this will leave you with about a 30' line after you made the splice on the hook and the splice for the cleat.
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        Thanks for the input

        Thank you for the feedback. I was intrigued by the release system of the So-Lo, but it seems from your feedback the tried and true Aftco is the way to go (which is good as it is less expensive...!)

        Thanks again, Larry