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8/24 report. baltimore canyon

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  • 8/24 report. baltimore canyon

    what an absolute gorgeous day, slow but gorgeous.. flat seas after noon but the tuna fish were not to be had, should have been alittle north or alittle south and we would have done something more, at around 830 we had a real big white in the spread that didnt find the hook, then a few hours later we had a tuna hit the bar and miss the hook bait, that was it until about 230, when the long left snaps with jr ilander quick feed to no avail then over to the long right short feed peels a blue white jr illander ball game on, blue marlin greyhounding 2-3-4 times and i standing there with a tld 30 in my hands.. with 600 yards we needed about every inch.. haha well 2 of us on the boat, im reeling in lines with my left hand holding the rod in the other were down to 100 yards or so when we get fancy on the boatwork.. run a 90 on the fish while im cranking hell.. somehow i kept absolute tight on the fish the whole time no slack nothing.. then we square up and play the waiting game.. the 35 does not back so well as most of you know.. but 1 hr and 45 minutes on the stick we have a hook out release on an est. 4-450lb blue marlin.. would have done something in the MA500 maybe but we were not in it. lucky strike seems to raise more bills then meat in the past few years.

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    you give me reason to keep my TLD's in my canyon spread - great job!


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      we normally troll mostly tld 50's but we had our white spread out at that time.. ill be honest the 30's gave me alot of confidence in there performance. and i wont be afraid to tackle descent tuna on the 30's now... we pushed the button alittle above strike for probally 18-20lbs or so and it handled the test with alittle help from the boat haha.