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Canyon 8/4 Marlin/Tuna with pics

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  • Canyon 8/4 Marlin/Tuna with pics

    at friends
    Left the inlet around midnight and headed to the edge...Chris, Tim, Anthony, Rob and myself all stoked for a good trip. The ride out was sporty but not sloppy. About a mile short we put lines in. Bally's and daisy chains...spreader bars would have to wait till day light. After about an hour right long goes off and And Rob takes the fish... 30 mintues later 50 lb yellow hits the deck. With our cherry busted and we felt good about that. B & w Skirted ballyhoo. On the east wall. About another hour same rod goes off..Tim takes that fish and about 15 minutes later second 50lb yf in the box. Trolled around for another hour and nothing decided to head to the west wall and then down the edge.

    About a half hour on the west wall same rod goes off.."thats three". Chriss looks back..I know Hot Rod!!!! Anthony grabs the rod sets up and begins to bring the tuna home. About 6-8 pumps the fish turns and heads for the east with big power and rare speed. Its not a tuna! A second a Blue Marlin starts to dance over the seas like I have only seen from an arm chair. Leaving white water and foam in its path. Anthony turns around and looks at me.makes eye contact and then looks back at his reel .with out saying "look at this thing" just big open eyes..I look at the reel screaming and down to 1/3 spool..Penn 50 VSW..suffix 80 lb..130 jinki leader..Chris's rig I didn't know about the leader...with that it was decide to turn and chase rather then to back down. all lines cleared and by this time the fish had us down to 1/4 spool ....up on plane heading east, Anthony reeling "three times the speed of light "old bone fish guide phrase" .. I noticed the line was getting closer to crossing the bow by the second. Off plane and decide to spin the boat and and finish the fight backing down. This being the first time I had to back down agressively on a fish I learned alot and should probably practice. Will practice!! Settling down into the fight Anthony harnessed "stand up" in and worked a good 45 to an hour while I kept the fish behind us. The fish had settled down and and it was a tug of war with the marlin taking line back as he pleased. Although Less and less each time. We kept backing down to the fish untill Chris grabbed the leader we looked at her. In an effort to retrive the hook, the badly frayed 130 gave way and the blue estimated at 400-450...swam towards the deep.

    Still trolling the west wall about an hour later another fish hit and drops the skirted bally "Yes Same HOT rod" same B & w skirt. Chris feeds the fish and gets hit abgain. Chris has on what we thought was a white.... Thrashing the water and drops the bait. This fish leaves discouraged .

    About an hour later right short goes off..chris.."yes he is always in the cockpit" picks it up and goes to set up and the fish drops the bait....then the long right goes off...yes the fifth fish on this rod goes off and Tim grabs it. Sticks the fish and this time it stays tight and we are treated to an arial display I only thought was possible by splicing "several" fish into one. This fish went right to left, then out and back.I bet over 500 yards of tail walking and grey hounding all together .one time tail walking 50-75 yards right at the boat. Chris and I both backed away from Timmy "laughing we've seen that "stuff" on TV..and it aint going to be me. And then more tail walkng and grey hounding all over..and with in 30 yds of the boat. Eventually then fish settled down and the boat was silient...a good 30 seconds..everone just absorbing what they just saw. Declaring Mine felt like a sexual expierence brought laughter and a course of Holy Sh ts all around the boat. With anthing at the wheel I worked the cockpit with "Cockpit Chris" and we began to get the fishing boat close tot he boat..taking one final 100 take out of no where. Chris leadered the fish and I cut the line at the hook. Blue estimated at 275 -300. By my crew..I thought 350-400 for the first one and 275 for the second. I did not get a good look from the wheel at the first one. Up on the deck Timmy said the most poignant statement " I feel really really lucky today" and he meant it. we agreed the day was a gift from the ocean.

    Then a foul hooked tuna.."my eyeball" for about 30-40 minutes...and finished the day with a small longfin.
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    Sounds like a great trip! Good job guys


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      Great report. I dream about days like that.
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