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8/4-8/5 report and question

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  • 8/4-8/5 report and question

    fished the toms around the 1000 line overnite, had a white on a sardine minutes before dark, then nothing until a fish slammed a sardine like a frieght train drag peals and the cape fear rod snaps in half the rod slit the line and fish is long gone... then around 330 or 4 am we see the fish come in the slick, put 2 big yellowfin in the boat around 80-85 lbs then 2 bigeye over 100 one around 130. picked a few mahi then a huggggggeee mako around 13.5 + feet comes up and takes a gander at the tuna jack. and the tuna sound, trolling the next morning homeward thru the carteret we hit a blue bite and released an est. 200-250lb blue marlin.. all the fish at night were caught on sardines fished 30 ft down although we could see the fish they would not take chunks. i was constantly working all 4 rods to get the bites.. ended up

    1 white
    1 blue
    2 bigeye
    2 yellowfin
    a few 15lb class mahi.

    for the question how far can you guys go in your 35's fully iced, and baited and crew'd? the lucky strike seems to do much better then tuna jacks boat but not sure exactly since we dont fish lucky strike that often anymore.. but we ran to the lindy 87 miles.. then trolled to the toms.. 109 miles from inlet just 20 from the toms, all night drifting.. then trolled back to inside 70 miles from inlet to conserve and maybe catch.. picked up and ran, dropped it down to see how much fuel we had left with 41 miles to go and saw less then a 1/4tank in the main and we already switched over the saddles. we had to troll until 15 miles from inlet what a longg day,

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    What kind of power and how hard are you running her??? Genset running 24/7??


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      genset ran all night they are the cat 3126 b engines. 26-27 knots.