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Canyon trip - northeast style

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  • Canyon trip - northeast style

    left my home port of Falmouth at 5 PM and steamed 108 nmiles to Veatch Canyon; 30 miles of which by radar in 25-100 yard visibility.

    We arrived at Veatch at full darkness at 9 PM, trolled in the dark for an hour to find bait and set up a drift in 1200' of water in the middle of the canyon.

    As is typical in the NE canyons;a flat calm run out turned into 3' steep seas and a steady 10-12 breeze. No fun thinking about 6 hrs of drifting like that. Out went the door and the drift sock to control the snap roll. All became well again.

    2 squid baits deep; 200' and 100'; 2 butterfish shallow. An hour later the 100' bait went off and my crew saw a swordfish come up and jump; trailing lightstick behind it. We lost it to chafe 30' out.

    Then thr 200' deep bait went off like a truck; steady roar. we never stopped it; eventually the mainline 100# dacron parted. We think it was probably a large tiger shark.

    An hour later we had a couple yellowfin on the chunk; during the leader and gaffing end game another swordfish appeared just out of the light glow; slashing at squid.

    At pre-dawn 1st light we started trolling the deep and wall hoping for a bigeye. Didn't happen though we had a couple small yellows.

    at 7:30 after being peanut mahi'd once too often a bar the mahi had been pecking at went down; I slowed the boat to deal with another djumb peanut when the center rigger up in the tower got knocked down; went out slowly; then screamed and erupted into a blue marlin going every which way as long as air and white water was involved.

    We survived clearing the 9 rod spread, getting the rod down from me in the tower to a belted angler and I actually got after the fish. 10 minutes later, most of it air it tossed the hook and headed for the horizon still jumping 1/2 mile away.

    Marlin fishing from that point on we had a couple other yellow knockdowns and mahi swinging and missing at big stuff till a white came in and ate the same jethead; same center rigger in the tower as the blue. We only stayed on that one for 100 yards and 2 series of jumps but as with whites it was all air and attitude.

    One more knockdown we missed and at noon I headed for the barn, 104 nmiles away. Flat calm, tired as hell from a sleepness night running up in thr tower i swerved to avoid a pallet; saw fish so turned and broke out the light tackle. Oceanic triggerfish; 6 or 8 pound amberjack, a mahi ate baits. I was trying and was unable to coax out what appeared to be a 15 pound or so black grouper right up in the pallet. 15 minutes; back on steam, 15 minutes to make sure all was stable w/ engine reading then I handed the boat off to the crew and slept for 2 hr's. Wake up on the throttle change to find the radar on, 100 yard vis. and us transiting the channel past the Vineyard an hour from home. Back at the dock, 4:30.

    Engine time 19 hr's and change; trip time just under 24 hr's; 8 hr's steam, 7 hr's and change troll, 194 gallons burned.

    Boat of course; Carolina Classic 28. The only boat under 35' I will be go to the NE canyons in....

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    Canyon trip - northeast style

    Great report, Larry. I'm just shaking my head here thinking of the differences between the right and left coasts. Blue marlin and swordfish encounters are worth the price of admission.


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      Great report. Sounds like it was an exciting trip. Marlins,swords,tuna all in the same trip, now that's canyon fishing.
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