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    caught my first blue marlin on my boat. In the 2 years that I owned my cc I haven't seen a billfish until yesterday. Trolling from the fingers to the spencer I got my first chance, I think. Had a big swirl around my bally on the long rigger, instead of dropping back the bait I pulled it out. Was never thinking billfish. Second chance we were trolling back from the spencer rod goes down on the long rigger, stripping out line I'm thinking big eye, then pops up a blue marlin. Wow, we managed to see an ariel show for a couple minutes until he did the taildance headshake and spit the hook. Beautiful fish, gave us a little boost from a slow tuna day.
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    only in horshoes and handgrenades.. haha congrats on an almost.. itll come eventually.. we've caught a blue in each of the past 4 years.. it always comes on those slow days when we piddle around in the deep usually the baltimore or wilmington on those flat calm days with a non-existing tuna bite.