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    Has anyone been fishing by the Baltimore,Wilmington or Poorsman's canyon ?
    Last week we had no problem finding Tuna and this past weekend all we found was lots of Bull Dolphin. Actually we hooked up with about 10 fish and landed only three. We are making another trip this Friday overnight to Saturday and would appreciate any insight.

    Steve & Chris
    Cape May, NJ

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    beuwolf the piece is about the 500 line of the wilmington now, about the 800 line on sunday a few boats really killed them.


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      Tuina Tuna Tuna

      Thanks for the info Lucky Strike. We decided not to fish this weekend as we are also doing the SJ Tuna next week and the NJ Classic the week after. I noticed you are at the Canyon Club we keep the 32 next door at Bree-Zee-Lee in the new section. If you have any thoughts on where to fish during the Tourny let me know. I am going to check Wednesday with the charter captains and my friends father-in-law who captains a scallop boat out of Cape May. If i hear anything I'll give you the info.


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        thanks beowolf, weve been over there to check out your 32 a few times if we'd ever think of downsizeing, shes a looker.. i think were going to start by chunkin bluefin at lines in.. and try to pick a nice bluefin to the south and then get up on the troll and head up towards the poormans/south poormans, that water thats in the norfolk/washington now seems to be back cycleing instead of barrelling south. so we may see some descent water up this way by thursday.. i think we should just be targeting yellowfin and bigeye theres alot of competition in the bluefin category when you think of all those charters trying to make money/shorter runs and fish.. they gotta get pretty good at what they do. im sure we'll talk closer to the time with more definate plans, take it home for the classics beowolf!!!