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    My wife and I decided to make a layover trip this past Saturday into Sunday. Living in Ocean City we get a lot of first hand reports on the offshore fishing. The reports were all bad and the charter captains out of Cape May suggested we put off the trip as the warm Eddy that was bringing in all the Tuna and Marlin had moved offshore. We wanted to do the trip anyway so we decided to get a Roffers report and see what they suggested. The report actually did say that the warm Eddy had moved way off to beyond the 1000 fathom curve. The report also suggested that we try the 70 fathom curve near Poorman's canyon and if nothing was there to move off to a another Lat long position where warm water had been for the past 11 days. Well Saturday night was perfectly calm at the 70 fathom curve but no fish to report on Saturday. Sunday morning we moved off to the south of Poorman's where the warm water had previously been. The temp at this point was 69 but there was life everywhere. We saw pilot whales, birds and Dolphin all over the place and in every direction. At about 7 am my wife Chris caught a really nice size Dolphin followed by two others. At about 8:30 we hooked up and boated a large 75 lb Yellowfin. There we were at 9:00 am on a perectly calm day 80 miles offshore with lots of fish to be taken. At 9:30 the winds shifted to out of the North East and the winds picked up blowing 15 with gusts to 20. We decided to call it quits and run home by 10 am. Thank Mac for building a great 32 as we needed all the boat we could get. We were headed 80 miles North and the seas had built up to 5-6 footers and breaking. The 32 handled the trip like a dream although we took walls of water over the bow. We were able to maintain 13 knots in autopilot for the next 40 miles until we hit some calmer water and ran it up to 20 Knots. The trip home took 6 1/2 hours.

    Steve & Chris
    CC-32 Cape May, NJ
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    Nice yellow!

    Been there/done that recently also.

    Friday's front did not move through NE at midnight as predicted but delayed 10 hr's - I left the dock knowing I was going to take a whipping, ran east 28 miles at 22 knots in 3' slop; then turned north into a bit less than the same scenario you found, 3-5's with a breaking 6 here and there.. Trim the 28 down, back off the common rails to full torque/mid RPM 60% throttle and persevered for 16 miles at 16 knots/just on plane.

    Caught 4 bluefin by 11; one crew puking; the other incapable; called it a day and was back at the dock by 1 cleaning fish in front of all the 40-60 footers who said "you went out in that!".

    Broke an antenna mount; pulled a poor crimp of my own on an outrigger guy but never felt either unsafe or concerned about the boat. More what I and my crew could take.

    Carolina built and Carolina Classic means a lot under my feet. I fish with a lot of off duty pro's - one's an ex-stick boat harpooner, two are captains for hire that do the summer NE tournament circuit. Duffy's, Cabo's and customs are their playground.

    the common comment is "Larry - this damned little boat raises fish".