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First Tuna Trip 2007

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  • First Tuna Trip 2007

    We made our first offshore run for Tuna today. Happy to report we landed 6 Yellowfin in the 30-40 lb category. We started fishing at the 30 Fathom line where there was a lot of bird activity but the water temp was 62. We then headed off to the 40 fathom line where again lots of birds but cold water. We then decided to run off to the Baltimore Canyon which was holding 63 degree water at the tip. We decided to run south and then found an extreme water break near the flats that hit 74 1/2 degrees. We found the tuna right near the break between the cold and warm water. We heard but cannot confirm that a Blue Marlin was fought in the same area. Another bit of information again which again cannot be confirmed was that a few whites were taken in the same area. Well we sure hope this was just the start of a great fishing season off the Jersey shore.

    And talk about a strange site off Cape May, NJ. When we were headed in about 6 pm we passed a cruise ship not more then 1/4 mile off our bow. We of course took some pictures. Guess its the one now leaving from Cape Liberty, NY. If not then its lost at sea.

    Cape May, NJ

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    Thanks for the report. That's a good early season trip. Ballyhoo, bars, smokers?
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      same story up north also

      I made a run east of Chatham yesterday and went 5 for 6 on school and medium bluefin.

      We kept 2, 42 and 49" and released a 72-74" fish which is the biggest one I have seen in a couple years.

      Great 1st trip!


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        Congrats on your catch. I couldn't get a Sat shot Fri, so we went blind into Poormans and then went South. managed 2 small YFT. Very slow..

        I heard late in the day that the bite was on the West wall of the Balt and also that a White was caught and a big Blue was hooked for a while.

        As the old saying goes, should have turned left insteed of right..

        Oh Well, pretty days out there.

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          The giants were at stellwagon this weekend.I got a 60" in the box just after daybreak and hooked a 65" around noon which we relesed.I broke my 130 rod on the second.They are Crowder rods.This is the second time I have had this kind of problems with this brand rod.They are the biggest peices of **** I have ever owned.I picked them up at Riverview in Dennis and they do not stand behind there products.


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            A 65" fish is a nice fish but by no means a giant. A 130 rod should be more than capable of handling that 200# fish or one 3 or 4 times that large.

            That has to be a production defect of some sort!


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              Nice fish Hawk,, gotta get some pictures up!
              Sorry to hear about the rod, on another site there was a thread about over rated ****... Accurate was in the mix as well as crowder so you are not alone!


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                The rods are definetly defective however Crowder claims that I must have abused them.With a drag set at 65lbs there is no way the rod should have broke with a small fish like that.
                Randy I would like the name of the other web site with complaints about Crowder.Check out the picks on the CC Boat owners gallery.