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South Jersey Shark Tournament

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  • South Jersey Shark Tournament

    We're all signed up and ready to go. Looks like the water temps should be just right. Planning on staying at the Canyon Club. Anyone else in and if so where are you going to be. Maybe we can meet up for a beverage or 2..

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    I'm not in the tournament but good luck. Don't forget to give us a report and a few mako steaks.
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      Not into sharking but we will be offshore saturday and Sunday this weekend. We dock at BreeZeeLee right next to the Canyon Club. Take a look at the 36 Albemarle on blocks next to the tents at the Canyon Club. We were on the boat Wednesday and it looks like a real fishing machine except for the fact that it has little tackle storage. Give a shout on 68 if your offshore this weekend.

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        Sorry I didn't get back to you guys sooner. We left early am 6/7 to prefish, catch bait and take the boat down to the Caynon Club. Good day, started out at the South tip of the Cigar and had 10 -12lb bluefish on us in minutes. Loaded the cooler and went in search of better water (Cigar was about 66 and not real clear). Checked out a couple of spots to the south and headed back for the Capts meeting. Friday 6/9 1st day of tournie fished East of the 19fath lump in perfect 67.5 water which actually made it to 68 during the course of the day. Had 3 duskies and one mako about 150 - 170lbs which we released. Had three nice runoffs including one trolling back up our slick, very engouraging but no fish boated. Sat went a little SE of Fridays marks thinking the water had moved. Blowing a solid 15 we set up in nice 3-5s, perfect Carolina drift conditions. Nothing there so we checked the temps in the area on our new Raymarine Sirius Weather (awsome) and found some nice temps about 10 miles N so we moved. Set up for the final 4 hours with one runoff and that was it so deciced to troll. Wind picked up and so did the seas so we just decided to bag it and head for the barn. Nice first 12 - 15 miles in mixed up 6s with a bunch of 8s mixed in. She handled it in true CC fashion, like a champ. 2 280 mako's tied for first. We'll getem next year. Had a great time.