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2007 Canyon Tournament Thread 3

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  • 2007 Canyon Tournament Thread 3

    It seems that we have a general concensus on some issues but it will be difficult to finalize all details via this format. The idea of establishing a comittee seems to be the most efficent thought. I would like to propose that we have five members on this comittee to discuss the open issues. I would like to be one of those members and ask for four other volunteers. Once we establish the comittee, I will forward a conference call number and schedule a convenient time for other comittee members so that we can begin discussing the details of this tournament. I think it would be preferable to have varying geographic representation among the comittee. Please respond if you are interested.

    A couple of thoughts:

    Although I agree with some of you that a 3-day tournament could be very difficult since we could easily get blown out during hurricane season for a full week, I think a two or three month tournament is too long. I just don't see a lot of excitement around such a long tournament. I would imagine that there would be much more attention and excitement for a shorter term tournament (maybe one-month long).

    We should also have individual categories for all types of tuna and include kingfish, sailfish, and swordfish as some of you suggested. Otherwise, one big bluefin or big eye would wipe out most chances of a longfin or yellowfin placing in a general tuna category.

    Ultimately, the comittee will decide these and all other issues.

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