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    I am looking at buying a couple of new Penn 50's does anybody know the differnce between the VSX series and the V series? Which is better?
    DIABLO CC 28'

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    in the last year I purchased penns and cannot tell you I am vey happy with the results. I purchased two 2 speed 30's and 2 50's, I have had to take the 30's back 3x. 1st time the clicker would disengage on it's own when we would get a hit and result in a bird's nest, a drag washer broker inside of the reel and the 3rd time there was too much space between the spool and the body of the reel and the line would wedge itself in there and get stuck- it did it again this weekend!!! The 50w's one had a small problem

    At the same time I bought 2 shimano's and they have been great- go with Shimano if you can


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      Got tired of taking my penn fiftys and eightys to the shop so I sold them all and brought a set of shimano tiagra fifty wlrs and eightys. I have been using them for three seasons with no problems. Far superior than the penns.


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        I have been using the VSW's (30's, 50's & 70's) for 4 seasons now, good solid performers. I have upgraded most of them to the new Dura drag from Penn which has improved them. I also have 2 Penn 16vsx's, those little suckers are amazing, 25# strike drag, right out of the box...

        Anyway, the main difference between the 50vsw & 50vsx is the drag capabilties ( I believe the vsx will pull around 50# of drag) and the fact that the vsx is a topless frame.

        BTW, good luck with the new rig, she's been good to me

        "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32