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2007 Canyon Tournament Thread 2

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  • 2007 Canyon Tournament Thread 2

    O.K. Let's begin the details! I think I have sense for the best way to involve as many of us as possible and make this as enjoyable as possible for all of us. Please take a minute to provide your opinion for each of these questions.

    The following boats have confirmed an interest in participating:

    Blue Moon, Falmouth MA
    Bait Box, South Jersey
    f.stop, Wildwood, NJ
    The Shark Hunter, Baldwin, NY
    Reel Addiction, Jersey City, NJ
    Backman, Falmouth, MA
    Purple Cedar Plug, Ocean City MD
    Beowulf, Cape May, NJ
    Split Decision, Toms River, NJ
    CClassic 28, Long Island, NY
    Spollsout, Cape May, NJ
    Petty Cash, Cape May, NJ
    Bullish, Waretown, NJ

    I suspect we will have more interest as we approach Summer.

    1. In the interest of involving as many members as possible, I think we should not restrict boats from leaving any port. Nor should we require boats to leave from specific ports. Perhaps the guidlines regarding this topic should be relative to the boundaries that we fish. Which we can discuss further at a later date. Provide your opinion regarding the flexibility to leave from any port.

    2. A nominal fee will be required to cover the cost of t-shirts for captain and crew. The fee will also cover trophies. Are fees needed for anything else?

    3. Each Captain will be responsible for contacting a local bait shop or marina that maintains a certified weigh scale. My local bait shop will provide a receipt of weight with my picture of the fish which I can then digital upload to submit. Does anyone have a better suggestion for recording weights? If not please contact your local marina/baitshop and let me know their name and address so I can begin to publish a list of weigh stations.

    4. Categories of fish? I was thinking first, second, third for tuna (yellowfin, long-fin albacore, big eye only. No bluefin). One prize for the most white marlin releases. One prize for the largest mahi and largest wahoo. One prize for the largest Blue Marlin with a minimum weight of 300lbs? Please provide your feedback on these suggestions. I prefer not to kill marlin but this is everyone's tournament and the rules should be based on the concensus. I don't know how we could give a prize for blue marlin without killing the fish.

    5. Date. How about Aug. 16-18?

    6. Fishing Times. I prefer not to limit fishing time or require boats to return to port each day. Mainly, because we will have no way to enforce this rule. Boats may leave port at midnight on August 16 and must make weigh-in on August 18 by the time their respective weigh-in station closes. Of course this means you could chunk at night as well as troll during the day. Thoughts?

    Regional get-togethers on Sunday, August 19 would be a great way to wrap up the tournament. We'll designate these destinations later after we have a better sense for the participants.

    This should be enough to get the ball rolling. Please post any additional ideas.

    Tom, how difficult would it be to set up a new category on this website for "tournaments"? If it's much trouble, don't bother.
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    I almost forgt the most important rule of all! You must fish from a Carolina albemarles, I mean no imitations will be accepted!
    2002 28
    Volvo Kamd 44p's



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      Think this is a great idea - but I'd be 100% against killing any billfish. Photos of fish at boatside should work for white and blues.

      "Calypso" - Montauk


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        weather conditions? What will max wave height and max wind speed. If the prize is not a million dollars I prefer not to get %$^kickin.
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          Just A Few Comments:

          # 2 Carolina Classic T Shirts Only In Photo's With Fish And Maybe We Can Get Them Donated
          # 4 What About Sharks Mako/thresher
          # 6 What About A Weather Date

          I'm In. If You Guy's Need Help Send Im Be Glad To Help

          GO DEEP!!!!! TAKE A KID FISHING......


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            I can help w/ the t-shirts. A friend of mine has a t-shirt printing company located next to my business. I'm sure I can get a good price.
            28 Carolina Classic 2003 (sold)
            18 Cobia 2001


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              Originally posted by Petty Cash View Post
              I can help w/ the t-shirts. A friend of mine has a t-shirt printing company located next to my business. I'm sure I can get a good price.
              You need to talk to "Missprint". He owns a T-shirt printing company....thats why his boat is called Miss Print(a little pun I think).


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                I would be intrested too I am out of pocasset, ma.
                DIABLO CC 28'


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                  Release the marlin please

                  take a picture - its worth 1000 words.

                  Swordfish are also part of the target species? Real possibility up in the NE canyons on an overnight.

                  On the bluefin thing - its reasonable east of Cape Cod to target "rats" 47-72" bluefin in the cold water that time of year. I agree on no 27" bluefin, but how about a perfectly legal and entirely possible 150 pound bluefin?

                  Don't the Carolina's also see sailfish and kingfish as offshore targets?


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                    Let's Cut Out The Cr** Buy The T Shirts And Let's Donate All Funds To Take A Kid Fishing No Prizes Just Bragging Rights Everyone Pays For Their Own Dinner.
                    GO DEEP!!!!! TAKE A KID FISHING......


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                      As for the dates of the Tournament. Keep in mind the following:

                      Aug 16-19 is the Mid-Atlantic Charity Billfish Tournament

                      Aug 19-24 is the Mid-Atlantic $ 500,000 Tournament.

                      I guess its possible to fish two tournaments the same day. As for the tournaments listed above we have only participated in the charity tournament. I just thought as some of our boats are in South Jersey we should be aware of the other events.

                      I see no reason why a legal Bluefin cannot be boated. As for the Whites and Blues, a digital picture is all we need. The nominal entry fee sounds like a good idea and buying a few trophies is not that expensive. Inorder to get this idea moving forward it may be a good idea to elect a committee of maybe three people and let them make the final decisions. The more people that become interested the more ideas you are going to hear. Obviously some people are going to have ideas that others are not interested in. You will either need that committe to finalize the plans or you will have to vote on every issue that comes up.

                      Think I'll check out "Finest Kind" for some hot lures for August.

                      Cape May,NJ


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                        Only issue I see with bluefin is that it will give an unfair advantage to the Northern guys ( where these fish can be found in the 100-200lb class easily) Bluefin IMO if included, should be a seperate catagory, or in with Bigeye as a seperate tuna catagory. Just my 2 cents...

                        "Pelagic" 2006 Classic 32


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                          Put Me Down As A Possible??? Depends On What Date Is Picked.

                          Also, I Say No To Killing Any Billfish In This Type Of Tourny.

                          Capt. LC


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                            count me in-there are 4 carolina classics in my neighborhood in the Keys- Go Fisch (a 2, Lucky (a 35) and 2 more, (Lucky was on the cover of the local fishing rag for getting a big sword this week). I think the picture format is the easiest for everyone, with bragging and t-shirts as the prize it makes the most sense and will probaly result in the most entries. Down here the oldest and biggest tournament is the MET tournament ( no $ all charity and bragging rights and it goes on for a couple of months, that way everyone gets a chance to enter a fish, a similiar format might be the best way to go, with fewer categories. I would like to help in anyway I could
                            ISLAND XPRESS


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                              I think that's a good idea. 2 month tournament. Money to a national charity. Biggest fish. Could do inshore and offshore spieces.All billfish released. I think the logistics of 2 day tournament would be difficult. You have 25 to 35 foot boats and the smaller boats might not be able to participate because of weather. I'm a fair weather fisherman only go offshore in perfect conditions. Maybe we can do the 2-3 month tournament.
                              28 Carolina Classic 2003 (sold)
                              18 Cobia 2001