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fallback technique?????

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  • fallback technique?????

    What is that one thing(if it works or not) that you like to try when you are fishing. Tell your area (NE,atlantic,westcoast etc....)fish and technique.I fish the Gulf (AL,MS and FL panhandle).My fishing buddy has hooked me on drifting for Redfish dragging a bag of cut bluecrab and mullet throwing gold spoons and white redhead plugs. If the specks are out we throw moose lures(it's a handmade AL version of a spook) on top of that.

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    Live bait on the bottom for bull stripers

    Go to any one of my 4 or 5 no fail structure spots, put 3-6 oz. of egg sinker above a swivel, add 3' of 60# leader and pin a scup, herring (prior to 2006), eel, or sea robin on a 6/0 hook and let her drop. Anything less than 16 pounds is a dissapointment.

    I'll also fall back to tin boat 101 and park myself in 8-12' of water and toss a fly up onto 4' shelves and try and pick up stripers when the fly comes over the drop off.

    I guess 3rd fallback, and probably the easiest is to look for bluefish sign in the typical bluefish spots and work either a popper across the surface or a 3 oz.diamond jig 10-20' down.