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Anyone Install a Furuno 1834c Navnet unit?

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  • Anyone Install a Furuno 1834c Navnet unit?

    Looking to replace my radar and move to the Furuno 1834c Navnet unit with the 10.4 display.....wondering if it will fit in the electronics box??....boat is shrink wrapped (and out of state) so I can't get in to measure the box....believe you need about 10.3 inches in heigth with the bracket?....have a '96 28 - not sure if the electronic boxes have changes much in way of dimensions over the years.....

    Anyone installed on of these units in their electronic box?

    Anyone have access to their boat and can quickly measure the dimensions of the box for me? - would be greatly appreciated!!

    If it doesn't fit inside, only other option would be to change the box so I can flush mount the unit (as well as my VHF radio which is up there)....


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    I had the 1731 up there and the door & frame had to come off in order to install/remove the unit from its gimbal bracket. The 1834 series is a bigger screen so I doubt very much it will fit. You can buy a 10" Navnet & a dome/array combo of your choice and that will fit up there. Also nice to have a backup GPS.

    Good Luck,


    Sorry, just re-read your post. The Navnet should fit but it probably will need to be flush mounted. The unit itself is 9.5" tall & with the bracket is just shy of 11" My 1731 was about 8" tall plus the bracket and just shehorned in the box.
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      I wend down this morning and measured the electronics box on my 98 28'. The trimmed opeing is 7.25" x 27" and the interior of the box is 10" x 31.25" and it is 14.75" deep. Hope that helps.
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        Think twice before putting a radar up there

        Mine is up there and its a sure fire stiff neck on those all fog/all day trips out east. Its also condusive to spending more time in the radar display and less time keeping your eyes out on the crucial 100 yards in front of you.

        Whenever I replace my old style 1761 CRT with a new system it will be on the panel next to the GPS.


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          That does make alot of sense.


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            Thx Capt B for the measurements!....and everyone else as well for the replies....looks like I'm going to have to either do a little construction and flush mount the unit or step down to the 1734 and the 7" monitor...

            Let you know how it goes.....thx!


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              I currently have the 1731 mounted up in the box as well....she's going on 11 years old and I'm loosing target discrimination (big commericial boat came out of the fog along side me last summer about 35 yards to my port and I never saw him on my radar - not a good feeling!)....had it looked at and the tech thought the "magnatron (sp?)" might be going bad....

              May opt to roll dice and get it fixed (looking at ~$800) guarantees....of course $800 is better than $4300 for the new 1834 unit (boat show price - includes GPS antenna, installation and C-Map cartridge).....although it is a nice unit (minus the fact it's a radome vs open array at that price).....


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                I made some SS mounting brackets. Location is perfect. I love it. Good luck.


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                  Black speakers?

                  I noticed a black object which looks like a speaker on the side of your radio box. What is that? I see your VHF speaker. Also is that a combo radar unit you mounted?
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                    Mine is mounted on the electronics box. It's not a problem with me because I'm tall and when the weather is bad usually everybody helps out. The way mine is mounted is the door was taken out and a 1/2 inch black plastic board was installed on the front side of the box so the moniter is flush mounted on the right side and there is a door for storage on the left.
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