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CC 25 Radar dome mount options?

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  • CC 25 Radar dome mount options?

    What is the preferred method for mounting a radar dome on the CC25? I've seen some flush mounted and others mounted on a stand with the built in anchor light. Is there any one method preferred over the other? Does the stand really give any advantage over a flush mount?

    I'm curious about the options.

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    FWIW, mine's mounted flush. Since I trailer occasionally, I wanted to keep it low. I'm already 12+ feet tall on the trailer and didn't want any extra height. I'm thinking about a pole barn in the future and extra height means a taller opening there too.

    That said, some opt for the 6" high stand with 4* forward lean. I don't think that 6" buys you much in range. It's worth considering that some recommend you not shoot your RADAR thru a GPS antenna, so there may be a benefit there. You can also find alternative mounts for your GPS antenna. Depending on the dome/array you select, the 4* forward lean may be of benefit. I'll be curious to hear other replies to this thread.
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      I think the stand looks pretty good! Mine typically won't get trailered very far (around 4 miles round trip a few times a year for gas); however, I want to keep my options open in case we want to trailer the boat somewhere on the coast for a trip or a tournament.

      Height may be an issue because of the low hanging tree limbs in the Lowcountry. Like you, my plans call for a garage for the boat and the shorter the opening the better!


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        Tom T
        I have a small unit located on top of a 10” standoff. The reason why was that I had a life raft located just in front of the radar and wanted to see over the raft. I have removed the raft because it made the boat very tipsy, but left the radar as is.
        Tom T