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Anyone put a Raymarine e80 in a 25 helm?

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  • Anyone put a Raymarine e80 in a 25 helm?

    I'm thinking about upgrading. Has anyone done Ray E or C80 flushmount on a 25? Looks to be a tight fit, was wondering it works.

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    I installed a C-120 on my CC 25. I made a mounting frame to tilt it up some and to clear the dash underneath.
    As you can see I moved the interment gages to one side to make room.
    I also made the unit so it can be removed with ease and stored at home.
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      Tweir Very nice clean job. What did you make the base out of? Charlie
      2004 Carolina Classic 25, Volvo KAMD 300 diesel...."SHARKTALES"


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        I used 3/8" black acrilic plasitc. The base stays attached to the C-120 when removed from the dash.


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          Where did you buy the acrilic plastic from? Again very nice job. Charlie
          2004 Carolina Classic 25, Volvo KAMD 300 diesel...."SHARKTALES"


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            I bought the plastic at Tap Plastics. Not sure if they have any in your area, I live on the west coast in Portland Oregon area. The plastic can be worked with most wood working tools. I cut the pieces to the shape I needed, glued them together, rounded the edges and than fine wet sanded to remove the gloss finish as I liked the mat look better. Here is the link to Tap Plastics.

            Here is a pic of the frame in process.
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              I flush mounted a Garmin 3206 up in the L/H electronic box which fit very nicely but a little hard to read underway. I really love Garmins Blue charts but I also want to install a larger unit either Furuno VX2 or the Raymarine E or C series with radar. This will give me a back-up system. How do you like the Raymarine? Any problems? Thanks Charlie
              2004 Carolina Classic 25, Volvo KAMD 300 diesel...."SHARKTALES"


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                I have only run the C- series for one season and so far I am very pleased with it and have had no problems. The screen is awesome

                I had a Raymarine Pathfinder on my other boat for several years and loved it.

                I have the DMS 300 hooked up to it with a transom mounted transducer and I am not to happy with the transducer setup. I was watching your thread on the Airmars M260 in hopes that it may be the way to go.
                It works “ok” for what I need. Most of my fishing is off shore for Halibut or for Tuna.
                Most Halibut fishing is in about 500 feet of water, some times I can get a reading but most times it will not show much.


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                  Nice job

                  As much as I'd like to have the larger screen, I'm looking to take out the Loran thats dash mounted and stick in an E80. I've got a garmin dash mounted, and will keep that one as a back up.

                  Nice work on the 120.


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                    I am in the process of installing a C-70 series in my helm,(starboard, upper panel) I took out the original Garmin and built a Starboard frame to enlarge the area. I am now going to enlarge the hole to fit the new unit. I am then going to build a cover for the top because I think the new unit will pop out the top of the dash.
                    I haven't started cutting yet, a little scared, I will send pictures during the process. Wish me luck...