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  • Running Antenna Cable

    Tried installing a VHF antenna on top of my tower today. No problem mounting the 8' Digital antenna to the top of the sun shade but can't seem to get the cable run inside the tower tubes. I get through the first 4' or so and then appear to be hitting a dead end. I have attached a photo with the area I am getting hung up circled in red. Any ideas?

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    running cable

    If there is already any wire running thru, you are in luck. Simply unattach it, tie a piece of 100lb mono, pull it thru. Pull it back. I keep a piece of mono always inside for the next time I need to run something.

    If nothing already there.. ask an electrician friend for a wire 'thingy'. They use a wire on a roll to pull wires thru walls. Pull a piece of mono with it so you have for future needs.


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      Are you pushing just the wire or a wire snake?

      You need to use a snake to get through the pipe. Get the snake through and tie a pull cord to the snake and pull that back to the top as John suggested. Tie your wire to that pull cord and pull it down but remember to tie another cord to it so you always have one in the tube for future runs which you will have.
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        Yep, I am using a wire snake - tried coming up from the bottom and down from the top and keep stopping in the same palce.

        Could it be possible that when they built the tower they did not drill a hole
        in the cross pipe? I did try going down both the port and starboard sides.


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          Buggy top?

          I don't think I have ever seen a boat with a fiberglass antenna up on the buggy top.

          My boat and every other CC I have seen has a couple 16' antenna's mounted to the hardtop and supported 3' up by a standoff connector strapped to the standoff pipes coming out of the tower.

          I would be concerned about losing an antenna way up on the buggy top in a pounding sea.


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            Antenna's on buggy top

            I put two 8 foot antenna's on my buggy top and have not had any problems so far. Mac has his antenna's on his buggy top and so do other CC at the marina. I questioned it when talking with Keith but he said it would be fine.As far as snaking down from the bugggy top its a little tricky but if you use a fish tap with slight bend on the end and give it a twist when you get to that transition point it should pass wright through.I snaked down both sides of mine once I got the fill on how to get pass the tight spots it was a breeze. The port side should go smoother because that leg is empty.

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              Thanks guys - I will give it another try


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                Snaking down from buggy top

                Rich, just checking to see if you where able to get your cables down your buggy top.

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                  Hey Haz-Mat - not yet, I was able to get 1/2 way from both the top and bottom but couldn't seem to get it through all the way. After a couple of tries I haven't tried again. Given I have the hand held VHF, I have been spending time getting out with my family and getting used to the new boat. Having stepped up to the CC28 from a 1973, 20' Whaler, single outboard with no T-top or canvas is real switch. I can't wait to get off-shore, but that will have to wait for the spring. As for my cable running, I am sure I will get it once I pull the boat out. Then I'll have plenty of time to work on it.

                  Thanks for checking on me.