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  • Transducer location

    I've just bought a new CC25 I/B with Volvo D4. I had a transome mount transducer installed and it works well at trolling speeds but the signal falls apart once the boat's on plane. I installed the transome mount because there appears to be few good locations for a through hull (Mac says putting it adjacent to the dripless bearing is too close to the shaft/prop line to be certain of avoinding cavatation).

    Airamr makes an in hull transducer box which is an option...with some loss in performance. Does anyone have any experience installing and running a through hull transducer on the new 25 I/B?



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    Yanmar Inboard !!!

    We Just Got This Same C.C.~ With A Yanmar Inboard & We Love This C.C.~ We Put The Simrad Tranducer Up On The Right Side Of The Motor Outside Of The Stringer , This Work Very Well , Had The Same Set Up On The 2000.c.c. To !!! Just Use A Faring Block & Set It Up Right , + We Trailer Our C.C To !!!!

    Fish Hard ~~~~Norm
    25' C.C.~~YANMAR /INBOARD !!!!!


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      Thanks Norm. My only concern with that location was that it might be too far forward for clean water...but if yours is working fine, that's probably what I'll do too.



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        Transducer !!!!!!

        Just make sure thay you have 3-5% at the rear with the farring block,ours works good up to 25 mpi & this part of the C.C. is in the water all the time, at top speed !!I do not know of any units that will work good at top speed. When we got the new c.c. the dealer put a IS12 ON THE BOAT & THE TRANSDUCER WAS UP FROUNT NEAR THE BILGE PUMP, THIS WAS NOT GOOD & I AM FILLING IN THE HOLE NOW.It would only work at slow speeds & it was leaking !!!!VERY BAD JOB, GOOD THING I know how to do this kind of work !!!!!
        25' C.C.~~YANMAR /INBOARD !!!!!


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          Thanks again Norm.

          I haven't decided, but I may try the Airmar, in-hull, M260 1KW. That way, if it doesn't work well in one spot, I can easily move it to another. But at $ may have to wait until next season.

          I know what you mean about poor workmanship at some dealers. It took 3 haul-outs and and several filled holes to fix the mess they made in my brand new boat. Certainly wouldn't let them get anywhere close to it with a hole saw.

          I'm glad I know how to fix this stuff too!!!